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Ziggy and Tootie: Homeschooled Young Moguls

Hello, we are Ziggy and Tootie, two homeschooled Young Moguls! Yes, we said moguls! With the help of our mom, we started our first business when we were three and four years old as Jr. Pastry Chefs. We are six and seven years old and we have a second business as social media influencers and live broadcasters. Adults hardly ever take us serious when we tell them that we not only have one, but two businesses. They often think because we are kids that we are just having fun, or it is just a “thing”. Nope! That is not the case! We are very serious about our business!

I am sure you are wondering how we got started as kidpreneurs, right? Well, it all started when we were tots. We would imitate our mom cooking in the kitchen by banging up her pots and pans. We are very curious kids, so our mom could not leave us in a room be ourselves while she was cooking. Therefore, she would bring us in the kitchen along with her. We would pull out all the pots, pans, and food and just mix stuff up. Our mom never fussed, she would just let us do it!

One day, we asked our mom for money to buy a cake app from the Apple store, and she told us no and suggested that we make our own cake. So, we tried, and it was a total flop. Our mom stepped in and taught us how to make a cake the right way. After the cake was complete, we tried to sell it to our mom. But again, she said no to the cake. Although our mom would not buy the cake, she did advertise our cake to her friends on Facebook and they bought cake! We made $200 in sales in our first online bake sale. Before we knew it, our mom was teaching us how to make a business plan and Ziggy and Tootie Cakes was born.

Our second business as social media influences is pretty awesome too!

We told our mom that we wanted a YouTube channel and she said ok, but it had to have a theme. After a few weeks of brainstorming we decided to theme our channel as a book review channel. Adults and other child authors send us books to review live on social media. And we get lots of free books; and other stuff too!

Our YouTube channel has also gotten us some pretty cool deals! We recently wrote a STEM curriculum to complement one of the books on our channel, “Dr. H. Explores the Universe”. Dr. H. takes our curriculum with her on book tour as a free resource for kids. Checkout our book review on Dr. H. Explores the Universe, see our review below!

This year, we are publishing two books! One book as authors and the other book as co-authors with 20 other kidpreneurs. This summer we are hosting two Summer camps. And in the fall, we will be establishing a nonprofit organization to teach other kids how to be Young Moguls too.

So yes! We are Young Moguls!

Click on the picture below and go subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

If you’d like to purchase the book, Dr. H Explores the Universe, click below:


Ziggy and Tootie are young moguls that are mastering the art of entrepreneurship in the 21stcentury. These young moguls are Jr. Pastry Chefs, Social Media Influencers and Live Broadcasting Hosts. They are the CEOs and founders of Ziggy and Tootie Cakes and the Ziggy and Tootie show. Check them out on all social media @ziggyandtootie.

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