Thank you for considering becoming a Scholarship Sponsor with Huddleston Academy Live Academics!

It is our mission to provide all homeschooling families with equal opportunity to enroll their children in our Academy and take our virtual courses. We realize that not every family is in position to take advantage of this opportunity, and that is where you come in.

When you decide to invest in our scholarship program, you are telling others that education is important to you. This also helps leave a legacy that inspires others to pursue education and its many opportunities.

What your donation will do:

  • Make it possible for children to take our courses at a discounted price or even completely free.
  • Help a family afford the necessary resources needed for the course.
  • Aid in our efforts to offer courses that lead to homeschooling success.

Your donation is handled by us only, guaranteeing that it is used for tuition purposes for Huddleston Academy Live Academics.

Sponsor Possibilities:

The way our semesters are outlined, we offer four, six, and eight week classes. This gives families the opportunity to choose per class rather than having to enroll for an entire semester.

Therefore, your donation will be more targeted. The following options are how your donation can be used:

  • sponsor a child for one or more classes paid in full
  • sponsor a child who needs assistance paying
  • sponsor an entire class (class capacities do not exceed 10 students)
  • sponsor a month and multiple student enrollments
  • one-time sponsorship
  • recurring sponsorship (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

As you can see, there are many possibilities for your donation!

Selection Process:

We have an application process in place for those interested in receiving assistance for taking virtual courses with Huddleston Academy Live Academics. We want to ensure that your donation is not being abused nor handled improperly.

Through our application process we ask a series of questions to determine if a family is qualified for the scholarship. Example information obtained is (but not limited to):

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Number of members in family
  • Number of students enrolling in HALA
  • Income level
  • Class(es) of interest
  • Why they are applying for scholarship
  • How will class benefit their child/homeschool
  • Promise to attend class (with a promise to pay back funds if they do not attend class)

If you have any other suggestions that can enhance the application process, please feel free to share.

You are also permitted to receive recipient information (children’s name) of those who are awarded enrollment with your donation upon request (optional). Any information shared with you must remain confidential. It is also stated on the application that –

“Information obtained may be shared with donor for verification purposes only, and not to be used for any other purpose.”

Sponsorship Perks:

We realize that your donation is generous, no matter the amount. Therefore, we have established sponsorship perks to help say THANK YOU! Beyond the perks listed below, your portion of donations will be put into your name and advertised as such.

Keep in mind that our current audience reach is 250K and constantly growing. We have avenues running through our website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and email.

*Any amount donated up to (or in between) will fall in the next to lowest category. For example, a donation of $150 would be considered a Bronze Sponsor; $350 would be a Silver Sponsor; and so on.

Bronze Sponsors

  • $100 donation
  • receives name on “Scholarship Sponsors” page
  • 1 email mention

Silver Sponsors

  • $250 donation
  • receives name on “Scholarship Sponsors” page
  • 1 email mention
  • 1 Facebook post

Gold Sponsors

  • $500 donation
  • receives name on “Scholarship Sponsors” page (with link back)
  • 1 email mention
  • 2 Facebook posts

Platinum Sponsors

  • $1000 donation
  • receives name on “Scholarship Sponsors” page (with link back)
  • 2 email mentions
  • 3 social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

Ready to sponsor?

CLICK HERE to complete the scholarship sponsor form. Once we receive your completed form, you will be invoiced and added into our system. Once your invoice is paid you will be added to the “Scholarship Sponsors” page, added to the upcoming email campaign, and scheduled for social media blasts within 72 hours.

View our current classes here.

Tax Information:

Because we are considered an “existing foundation,” scholarship donations of this sort are almost always tax deductible. We can provide you with documentation beyond your invoice if necessary. Please refer to your Tax Consultant for exemption advice.