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75+ Winter-Themed Activities, Lesson Plans, Books, and More!

Winter time for most homeschooling families can seem like a drag or struggle, however, to help put a pep in your winter step I’ve compiled a HUGE list of winter-themed activities, lesson plans, books, and more!

Majority of these are FREE (yaya!), can be found at your public library (for books), and easily accessible with a click, download, and print. In some cases you may need to opt-in to receive the free thin but hey, that’s a small price to pay when getting some for free!


Let’s start with activities. If your family is like mine, the kiddos want to get outside whether it’s zero degrees or seventy degrees. I, on the other hand, am not always as eager to get out in anything that makes me feel uncomfortable.

Cue the activities that can make learning in winter time fun! Below is a list of great activities to start and keeping learning fun throughout those cold months:

This is surely enough to get us started! For more winter-themed activities click here!

Lesson Plans

This is typically one of the biggest stumps in the homeschooling world, especially if you plan on taking the DIY curriculum route. The question then becomes, “What in the world am I going to teach them?” Below are lots of winter-themed lesson plans to choose from, plus I’m including unit studies here since they typically come with lesson plans:


You can never go wrong with adding books, reading times, and the like to any time of year – but especially during those slow-feeling winter months. Snuggling up with blankets and hot chocolate can make for some pretty memorable moments. Below is a list of books that you can most likely find at your public library!

However, if you’re a book junkie and collector like me, then click on the title and add whatever you like to your Amazon cart! I’m also including some of my favorite Usborne Books:

To look through hundreds of other winter-related books, click here!



In this day and age it’s really hard to get away from anything STEM related. The suggestion below will make it super easy to add winter-related STEM activities to your homeschool:

For more STEM activities click here!

Toys for Indoor Fun

There are times that no matter how much the kiddos ask and how tempting the snow looks – I simply DO NOT want to go outside! This is where indoor toys come in handy. The list below is a good stash to have on hand for indoor fun:

Family & Personal Growth

Switching gears here for a moment… winter can also be a depressing time for some. The sun seems to shine less, things in nature seem “dead”, and families are typically spending more time together inside the home. Below are some family-style and personal growth activities to consider:

While this surely isn’t an exhausted list of winter-related activities, it is enough to get you through this winter (and maybe even the next)!! Enjoy!

CHIME IN: What are your favorite things to do during the Winter season? Comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you!!

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