Business Builders

Hello Business Builders and Leaders! Aren’t you glad you said YES to one of the best business models ever?!?! We couldn’t be more excited and thrilled to be on this journey, especially with a world-leading essential oil company like Young Living.

We believe in helping everyone succeed in their business. This is why we are offering resources to help you do just that. Anything made available for you is totally free, and we pray that it will help you reach your goals, make your dreams a reality, and keep you aspiring to do more!

New Business Builders

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So you’ve said yes to the business opportunity, but you have no idea where to start? This is the perfect place to begin taking the steps toward building your successful Young Living Essential Oils business. There are many resources here, so print them off and take your time becoming familiar with them.

Always keep in mind that these are suggestive steps that can always be tweaked to your unique personality, gifts, and goals. This is not something that if you don’t do it exactly how it’s written, you’re going to fail. That’s not true. You can only be the best you, and that’s all people want – a legit, real, and genuine person. That is the easiest to duplicate of all.

We recommend that you start by taking a look at this Duplication System. It is packed full of amazing information to get you started moving forward in successfully building your business.

If you are interested in the perks Young Living offers for achieving certain ranks within a particular time frame, check out Elite Express.

It is also a great idea to print out the Income Disclosure Statement and put it somewhere you can see on a daily basis. It serves as a great motivational tool to help you reach the rank you desire.

Helping others get started can sometimes be overwhelming. Use the following document to help make joining a little easier: Enrollment Walkthrough

If you are part of Team Essential Ancient Remedies, there will be several more resources available in our private Facebook group.

New Member, Now What?

Yay for new members!! But now that they’ve become a member… now what? At first, I didn’t know what to do with new members besides high-five my husband and figure out how to get more. We didn’t implement a system for welcoming our new members, send thank-you cards, how to stay in contact with them, and so on. Now, because of our amazing support team and upline, we have started doing these little things that pay off big time.

Below is our personal touch to a system that has grown business building Stars into team leading Royal Crown Diamonds. Keep in mind that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but don’t be afraid to tweak it a little to accommodate your personality and style!

New Member System

New Member Packet Suggestions

Welcome Letter

Monthly Campaign Printables

What are your members and customers saying about you? When is the last time you’ve spoken to them? Told them about a promotion, sale, or event you are hosting? Do you know their favorite products? Have you sent them a thank-you card just because?

All these questions, and more, should drive us to remember that we are serving those in our organization. As your organization grows, it may seem more difficult to keep up with little things such as knowing someone’s favorite product, but that shouldn’t stop us from having a system where we are in steady contact with them.

We have learned that monthly campaigns will keep our business afloat, and keep it growing. Before this year, my husband and I had not considered a way to stay in organized contact with our members. Now that we have started an easy to duplicate system, we can truly see the results.

Part of our monthly campaign is to have a specific focus, specific plans of action to carry out the focus, all with an underlying intention that when implemented, should have significant results. Below, you will have access to monthly campaign materials such as postcards to send to members, premium starter kit oils information, and more. Check back often as there will be periodic updates!

Above the Wellness Line – An informational paper that shows the different body systems and what oils are great for support.

Monthly Post Card – Great postcard for Members not yet enrolled on Essential Rewards. Also gives suggested products to try, as well as Spring Diffuser blend ideas.

Monthly Post Card 2 – This is a half sheet size postcard that highlights favorite products beyond the Premium Starter Kit. There are two different backs, one for members not yet enrolled on Essential Rewards and the other for members on ER (product highlight).

Ditch & Switch – This document has 3 per page and can be included in new member packets, monthly mailers, and/or when meeting with a new member prospect. (make sure to print double-sided)

Essential Oils Made Simple Info Card – This document has 3 per page and is meant to be printed double-sided. Best printed on cardstock paper too. Use these when meeting with prospective new members to leave them with information that is not overwhelming. (be sure to change contact information and photo)

Monthly Campaign Ideas