5 Vacation Spots for Kids Who Love Horses

Special thanks to Guest Blogger Nicky from Horses and Foals for sharing five vacation spots for kids who love horses. As an old horse lover who spent two summers at horse camp, I appreciate this special post!

Humans and horses have a very unique relationship. When you introduce your kids to horses, there is a high chance that they will fall in love with them.

Kids bring out the gentleness in horses, and seeing a child interacting with horses is a thing of beauty. When you see that spark in your child’s eye when they see a strong and graceful horse, you can be sure that your child loves horses.

Kids feel a sense of adventure when they mount up a horse. Most kids will love destinations which have horses. You can be sure that if you plan your next vacation in a place where there are horses, your child will have a wonderful and enriching experience.

Many Opportunities with Horses

There are many ranches, resorts, and locations across the United States that are perfect to take your kids to for a horse riding vacation. We have listed five of our favorite ones where your family will have an enjoyable time along with your kids being able to bond with horses.

Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington is known famously as the horse capital of the world.

Taking your children to Lexington will be a dream that comes true if they love horses. The Bluegrass Region is beautiful and one of the most scenic places in the United States.

You will be charmed by the green fields in Lexington that are filled with galloping horses, making for a breathtaking sight. The horses are surrounded by white plank fences reminding you of old movie scenes.

There are many horse farms in Lexington that will even offer you a tour. You can drive down one of the country roads just out of the city to see many beautiful horses.

The Kentucky Horse Park will give your kids the best horse riding experience. In addition to horse rides, admission to the Kentucky Horse Park gives you access to a horse-drawn tour, museums and interesting equine presentations. These activities run throughout the day.

You can pack lunch and enjoy the impressive scenery. You may also choose the option of a half an hour trail ride which is perfect for a kid who is riding for the first time. Your child will need to be 7 years and above to be eligible to ride. If you have children below that age, they can enjoy pony rides in the park with a paddock.

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Dahlonega, Georgia

Dahlonega in Georgia is a very charming place and a wonderful place to visit with kids. The town has a variety of lodges, cabins and hotel rooms.

You get access to a lot of kid-friendly hiking trails, and horseback riding, and can opt for one-hour trail rides from the Gold City Corral and Carriage Company. These trail rides are for kids of 8 years and above. They give you beginner rider lessons before they start. They can also opt for a two-hour trail ride or a half day ride along with lunch.

Visiting a gold mine museum is another option and is close by. Consider opting in for the gold mine tour with your family. There are many interesting restaurants and small shops that you can pick souvenirs from.

Assateague Island, Maryland

Many kids may have heard of Assateague from reading “Misty of Chincoteague” by Marguerite Henry. The story introduces the readers to the wild horses of Assateague Island and to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

You’ll appreciate over 300 wild and beautiful horses on the island. They are wild so you won’t be able to ride it but it gives to you a unique opportunity to show your kids how animals live in the wild. Seeing wild horses run together is a unique and rare experience.

There are many boat tours on the island which will show you the horses as they boats go around the island. The advantage of seeing the horses on the boat tour is that you will get to go near the horses without causing any disturbance to them.

You also can take your kids kayaking around the island. That way you can enjoy the kayaking experience along with watching the wild horses.

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Burnsville, North Carolina

There are many nice ranch-style hotels in Burnsville in North Carolina. They provide stay with home cooked meals and  the opportunity to go on horse rides and partake in various ranch activities.

Most of the ranch turned hotels and resorts will also give you instructions and riding orientation if you haven’t already learned horse riding. This is an added advantage when it comes to teaching your kids’ horse riding.

Chandler, Arizona

There are many resorts in the Sonoran Desert (near Phoenix) that will give you a great horse riding experience. The local Native American culture of the place is exquisite and integrated into many of the resorts especially the architecture and the design of the resorts.

The Koli Equestrian Center in Chandler, Arizona is a perfect place for your kids to learn riding and for you to enjoy riding if you are an advanced rider. You get the option of either group or private trail rides. Children have to be 6 years old and above.

You will get to experience the amazing Arizona landscape in its natural beauty all in one trip.

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The Benefit

There are many places that you can take your kids for a vacation which will give them an opportunity to interact with horses. Getting your kid interested in horses is an excellent way to introduce them to the outdoor world and help them to create a bond with horses.

Your family will enjoy a vacation that includes horses. Even if you can’t make it to any of the above locations for your horse vacation, check resorts nearby if they offer horse riding activities so that your kids will enjoy the vacation.


CHIME IN: Do you know of any places that offer horseback riding, lessons, and ranch-style activities that could double as a vacation spot? Let us know in the comments below!

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