Usborne Books for the Unit Study Homeschool Style

We are a Usborne book, unit study homeschool style kind of family. Actually, we have a mixture of styles that combine together to make up the way we homeschool. It’s really hard to pick just one, so we combine several! That aside, I wanted to put together a roundup of Usborne Books that are perfect for the unit study homeschool style!

Mega list of Usborne Books for the Unit Study homeschool style.

What is the unit study homeschool style?

First and foremost, it’s one of my favorites! Why? Partly because it makes it easier to teach multiple kiddos of varying ages and developmental abilities. Mostly because it makes learning fun and more holistic. When it comes to using unit studies to homeschool, we can take one topic and teach across all subjects.

For example, when my daughter was all about volcanoes, all the kiddos ended up enjoyed writing about them, reading about them, watching documentaries, building them, and so on! Without thinking twice about it, they did English, Language Arts, Geography, History, Science, Math, and Social Studies – all from studying volcanoes!

Of course some of the resources I use for unit studies comes from Usborne Books & More! I became a consultant back in 2015 for the 25% discount in efforts to build an ever-growing homeschool library, which is still being added to TODAY! Here’s an semi-exhausted list of Usborne Books I highly recommend for unit studies!

A Semi-Exhausted List of Usborne Books for the Unit Study Homeschool Style

Depending on how often I update this post, some of the books listed may or may not be in stock or print.

Books about Bugs

I’m including bugs, insects, and the like in this list. Creepy crawlies always seem to catch the attention of kids and make for some pretty awesome unit studies:

Usborne books about bugs for the unit study homeschool style.

Books about Traveling the World

No passport required with these books!

Usborne books about traveling for the unit study homeschool style.

Books about Animals

Animals seems to be another fascinating topic for kids, and these books make it easier to lesson plan!

There are sooooo many more animals books… click here for the full animal search list!

Usborne books about animals.

Books about Seas/Oceans (and animals)

This is one of my favorite unit studies to do with my kids because we always learn something new. It also makes for great field trips!

There is an over abundance of books, puzzles, and other activities for this genre too! I’m talking over 5 pages worth. Click here to see them ALL!

Usborne books about seas and oceans for the unit study homeschool style.

Books about History

Of course it depends on the type of history your kids are learning about, but Usborne has some pretty good selections to choose from:

Usborne books about history.

Books about the Human Body

From as young as toddlerhood, we start teaching kids about their body. Having good (and accurate) picture books that cater to ALL ages is a plus when doing this unit study.

Usborne books about the human body for the unit study homeschool style.

Books about Seasons

Teaching about seasons is so much fun, especially when you add stickers, lift-the-flaps, popups, cut, and color books and activities! We have plenty of selections for this type of unit study:

Usborne books about seasons.

Books about Things That Go (Trucks, Trains, etc.)

Having four boys of my own, I’m fully convinced that they ALL go through (and sometimes stay in) a phase of loving anything that goes vroom, beep beep, and honk honk. If you find yourself putting together a “things that go” unit study, these books are a must-have:

Usborne books about things that go for the unit study homeschool style.

Books for Job Search

I didn’t know what else to call this type of unit study, but as your children get older, it’s nice to introduce them to different job opportunities. If they already have something in mind, it’s also a good idea to teach them a bit about it before making a concrete choice. Usborne recently released an entire selection of “academy” books that can help with just that:

Usborne books about different types of jobs.

More Unit Study Ideas

The best part about using unit studies in your homeschool is you can create one for just about any and EVERYTHING! Here are a few more unit study ideas (and yes, there are Usborne Books for these too!):

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Culture
  • Diversity
  • Biographies (study the life of people)
  • Government
  • World religions

The possibilities are endless!!

Bundle & Save!!!

As a homeschooling mom of multiples I totally understand what it means to spend wisely. Although I love a good deal and freebie, I also see the value in investing in my children’s education. Hence, why I became an Usborne Consultant. If you’re interested in creating a homeschool library filled with amazing educational Usborne books, you have three options:

  1. Host a party! You’ll get free and discounted books.
  2. Shop and save! Shop with me and you’ll get a discount EVERY time!*
  3. Become a Consultant! Nope, you don’t have to “work” the business. Simply enjoy a 25% discount on all your orders.

*Because the shop and save deal is a personal special that I’m offering, you’ll need to email (or message) me your order. I’ll tally up how much you owe, get your books ordered and shipped to you directly! Offer is for bundle purchases of 5 or more books.

Usborne books for the unit study homeschool style.

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