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True Transformation

What comes to mind when you hear the word transformation? Changing from one thing to another? How about the alteration of the appearance of something to look different? Both are right, but as a believer the word transformation should take on an entirely new meaning.

Several years ago, something hit the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). It seems that someone had started a Thursday trend where people post a picture of themselves at a young age accompanied with one of their most present look. Some take it back to toddlerhood, middle school, even college. The caption usually says something like “TBT” or “Throwback Thursday” or something cute and catchy that puts emphasis on the dramatic change that is evident between the two photos.

Notice the last part I said… emphasis on the dramatic change that is evident. We can pretend to be whoever we want all day long but at the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, who do you see? Do you see yourself as someone who depicts a true set-apart transformation, or do you find yourself taking off the set-apart façade to uncover someone who only conforms when it seems necessary?

I’m going to be transparent and share my testimony about true transformation. I grew up in “the church”. Born and raised in the Church of Christ did what it did in my life, but it didn’t lead me to true transformation. I began attending a Baptist congregation. It also did what it did in my life, but I still hadn’t truly become transformed. I then began attending a nondenominational congregation (modern Pentecostal, if you will) and it did what it did in my life, but it didn’t produce true transformation. I tell you this not to knock the awesome congregations I have attended. I tell you this because true transformation wasn’t going to take place because of the type of congregation I attended. My true transformation began taking place because I was tired of the conforming façade and finally answered Yahweh’s call to give up. Only then could true transformation begin in my life.

Give up, you ask? Yes. I had to give up wanting to live life how I wanted to. I had to make the conscious decision to stop conforming and begin the journey of transforming. Is it hard? Absolutely! I had to, and am still, undoing clutter and pollution that I have filled myself with over the years of being a conformer. Is it painful? At times, yes. You see, true transformation involves allowing Yahweh to uproot the things that hinder the new growth taking place. I’m not talking about trimming weeds or spraying weed killer on them. I’m talking about Yahweh reaching down to the lowest part of where the root stretches to get it all out. If we don’t allow Him to get it all, it will only be a matter of time before it begins to grow again.

Can you relate in any way to my testimony? Do you find yourself living a life that is conforming instead of transforming? My plea to you right now is that you give up. Give up living life how you want and what you think is acceptable in the eyes of those watching. Keep in mind that there are heavenly eyes watching… and waiting. Waiting for you to trade in your conforming life for one that will transform you into who and what Yahweh created you to be and do.

To understand transformation, we should first understand conformation. Paul wants us to know in Romans 12:2 to not conform to the ways of this world. The word conform in this context literally means having an outer appearance that doesn’t match up with what is really inside of a person. He goes on to say, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. He has told us what not to do followed by what we are to do… and that is to be transformed.

With this in mind, we also have to understand that this isn’t something that happens all at once or just a one-time change. This kind of transformation happens daily. To transform our outer to match our inner will take the power of the Ruach. The Spirit can only do this with our participation through consistent reading, studying, meditation, and obedience to the Word. This has a lasting result of a mind that is truly saturated and controlled by the Word of Yahweh.

Not only are we not conforming to the world, we are allowing true transformation by the renewing of our minds. This transformation leads to our ability to prove what is Yahweh’s perfect, good, and acceptable will for our lives. Our lives will begin to reflect what can be considered morally and spiritually spotless.

Take a moment and think back when you accepted Yeshua Messiah as your personal Savior. How did you feel? Did you feel different? Were you convicted to begin living a lifestyle that doesn’t accommodate this world? Were others able to see your life changing and lining up with Yahweh’s Word? You see, true transformation will be something that is not only felt by you, but also by those around you. People will begin to pick up on something being different about you and want to know what that is. Once you begin telling them about the power and work of Yeshua Messiah working in you, it sets the stage to save a soul that may be lost!

Just for today… ask yourself if you are experiencing true transformation in Messiah or simply conforming to the world around you. Meditate on scripture and ask Yahweh each and every day to continue the work He has begun in you.

Life Lesson: Conforming to the world will never bring real peace… only transforming and renewing your mind in Messiah will bring a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Scripture for Meditation

Romans 12:2 – And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and well-pleasing and perfect desire of Elohim.


Heavenly Father, thank You for another amazing day. Elohim, forgive me for the times I have allowed myself to conform to the ways of this world. I cannot be of the world and about kingdom business at the same time. Father, I want to my mind to be renewed and my soul to be transformed so I may embrace Your perfect will. In Yeshua’s name, amen!

This is a complete chapter from Michelle’s book, Just for Today, a 31-day devotional written to help you have faith, hope, and trust in our Heavenly Father and His promises for your life. As a self-published motivational author and speaker, Michelle opens up to reveal some of her most vulnerable life experiences. She offers encouragement and inspiration through personal testimonies, daily life lessons, and Scripture for meditation. Michelle has spoken at several events, including a Girls Night Out elementary school program and Ladies Conference. She has also appeared on several radio talk shows – Beauty for Ashes and WNKJ morning show.

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