Top 10 Online Summer (Home)School Programs

For families with school-aged children, summer is usually the time where parents would sign their kids up for summer camps and programs. However, the events of this year have put an entirely new look on how children can continue participating in summer enrichment programs.

If your children will be missing out on their normal summer activities, below are top 10 online summer (home)school programs they can enjoy from home.

Why should I consider online summer programs?

One word – flexible. Most online programs are designed with “work-at-your-own-pace” in mind, making it compatible with even the most busiest of schedules and unique lifestyles.

Another one word reason – active. Summer programs aid in keeping children’s minds (and bodies) active, helping them easily transition into continued learning in the fall.

Online summer programs also give children the opportunity to explore new interests. If there’s something they’ve always wanted to learn, now’s the time to introduce them to it.

Lastly, online programs serve families by giving them the ability to keep children close while ensuring they are receiving fun and engaging learning experiences.

Top 10 Online Summer (Home)School Programs

Summer Camp at Home

Summer Camp at Home was created by a homeschooling mom who understands the importance of children having fun while learning.

She has created a total of 8 online camps that can be purchased individually for only $5.97 each. Or, you can get an all access pass and pay just $29.97. The camps are created to be a week long with one theme per week:

  • Space week
  • Disney week
  • Under the Sea week
  • Dinosaur week
  • Olympics week
  • Superhero week
  • Pirates week
  • Hawaiian week

Hebrew for Homeschoolers

If you’re looking to add learning a foreign language to your child’s summer schedule, this course would be the one to look into! Your entire family can learn the Hebrew language in only 10 weeks in a super fun way, all while growing deeper in your faith.

Ana, your Hebrew teacher, studied at the Hebrew University for two years and graduated from Israel College of the Bible in Jerusalem with a Bachelors of Arts in Bible and Judaic Studies.

Learn in Color

If movie watching is on your list this summer, consider adding some of Learn in Color’s movie study guides. Resource creator, Samantha, has a unique way of making movie watching both educational and fun.

She provides many movie studies for a variety of ages and grades, such as:

  • Catch Me if You Can (grades 8-10)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (grades 5-7)
  • Cinderella Man Movie (grades 7-10)
  • Finding Nemo (grades 3-7)
  • Race to Freedom: Adventures in Odyssey (grades 2-4) *FREE*
  • and more!

Paint Your Own Family Portraits

If your family is like mine, family portraits are hard to come by. If you’d like to paint delightful family portraits with you family then this summer activity is for you.

Makes a perfect project for back to school or holiday gifts! Learn step by step how to make these miniature masterpieces and then how to put them all together into an entire family. Personalize to your style and personalities. This course is designed for students age 5-95!

Fairy Tale Fun

Jen Merckling has done an incredible job of capturing the heart of fairy tales in a fun and engaging way for little learners. She offers 5 individual tales, or you can purchase them in a bundle.

Each fairy tale is packed with a read with me story, sequence activity, memory game, story narration activity, and color-by-number pages.

ASL Games That Will Make Learning More Fun

Homeschool Mastery Academy’s American Sign Language games and flashcards are designed to make learning a second language fun. In this bundle, you will receive their exclusive ASL Game Pack in addition to their themed videos. 

Use their simple instructional videos in your homeschool or classroom to learn ASL the quickest and easiest way. Most students love watching the videos on repeat until they memorize all the themed words in American Sign Language!

Science Simplified

Science can be one of those tricky subjects to teach during the school year, but super fun when presented in a way where kids don’t even realize they’re learning.

As with all Kristin Moon Science courses, students proceed at their own pace through the material.  Videos, experiments, hands-on activities, and links to additional information are included to enhance the learning experience. 

Journey Through the Continents

With physically traveling the world on somewhat of a halt right now, taking a journey through the continents (from home) is still doable with Journey Through the Continents. This 5th-9th grade curriculum comes with elementary connections so that it can be used family style. 

The first of eight units is an introduction to geographic terms and practices, including a study of GPS. They have included recommended resources for further study separated by grade level, which is a plus!

Play Moments eBook

I often get asked how to teach a toddler, and parents are always shocked about my answer – LET THEM PLAY! That’s what makes the Play Moments eBook a must-have. It’s an e-book that includes 20 activity cards to inspire fun, play-based learning with your toddler.

This e-book is packed with helpful tips and activities for ages 1-3, and each activity comes with several learning ideas so you can use them over and over again!

With the Huddlestons Self-Paced Mini Courses

Being a teacher at heart, one thing that has followed me from the classroom is creating curriculum resources. Part of the resources I’ve created over the years are self-paced mini courses that your children will enjoy.

Some of the most sought-after courses I have are:

  • First Aid Basics
  • Legos with Alex
  • Water in the World
  • Where in the World
  • Biblical Art History

Each course comes with instructional videos, educational lapbooking resources, and a certificate of completion.

Don’t Forget to Read!

Before closing out, I wanted to share a list of Summer Reading Book Clubs to take advantage of. They’re all virtual, digital, and offer some pretty cool incentives!


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