3 Time Management Tips for Today’s Busy Mama

Things look a bit different since joining motherhood, don’t they?

But let’s be real. When it comes to cleaning, I’ve recruited my kiddos to help in the name of teaching responsibility.  My wardrobe consists of the new-age stay-at-home + work-from-home mama attire – also known as pajama pants and a t-shirt. Working out is carrying a five month old, chasing a two-year-old, and keeping up with the demands of a sassy three-year-old… not to mention the growth spurts of a ten-year-old. Please tell me you can relate.

I realized something you probably have already caught wind of – since becoming a mom, time management has become super important. Since becoming a work from home, homeschooling mom, time management is key for thriving in all areas. I learned that working 8+ hours per day outside of the home for a period of my life and now working a few hours a day at home and also homeschooling, that time management is key.

So, how can you get it all done?

You have to do everything you don’t want to do. You have to do everything you have not been doing. Schedule. Your. Time.

You already know that I am preaching to myself here. I want to say you can just wing it everyday and get everything done. But, that’s hiding from reality. And we aren’t hiders. We are seekers of valuable, purposeful time with our families. So here are three time management tips that can get you started on a path of THRIVING – not simply surviving:

  1. Make Faith a Priority.
    If you’ve ever had the goal of scheduling “Bible time,” you know it doesn’t just happen. You find every excuse in the book to use the time for other well-meaning tasks, and the kids are less than enthused to sit and listen. You need to make this a priority {remember, this is an example} and set a daily time to learn about and practice your faith. It could be as simple as one Bible story in the morning, or over dinner. Whatever you do, make sure the family understands that we won’t be doing anything else until this is accomplished. Don’t get upset when you don’t get it in for the day. These are factual, time chunks you’re talking about and you can only fit so many pegs into the holes. Push something to tomorrow, know when to quit. You did your best, and you will do your best again tomorrow.
  2. Make Yourself a Priority
    You’ve heard and disregarded the old adage that you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself. And mama, it’s true. The second priority in your day has to be you. Whatever fills you up – exercising, reading, journaling – schedule it. Even if it’s 30 minutes a day before the kids wake up or after they go to bed. It’s okay if you want to do a number of things and can only fit one in during each time of your life. Just do one, and enjoy it fully.
  3. Set Realistic Expectations.
    Don’t make a 7-point lesson plan on the busiest days of your week. Don’t expect a three course meal when you have swim lessons until 4 p.m. Be realistic with your expectations and yourself. Planning your week out will allow you to see the busy days and to push more onto the lighter days. You can only do so much. And some days, that means that getting the house-food-work done won’t all happen. Each day, pick one thing that is your focus. This is a good place to start if you feel totally unmanaged. Maybe it’s saying “hi” to the new neighbor, calling the lady from church, or playing a game with your youngest child. Whatever it is, write it down and treat it like a real “to-do” on your list.

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And When We Don’t Get it All Done

It happens. Something tough goes down and your whole planned day is blown. You prioritize your schedule in the coming days to get it done. You are gracious with yourself and move things around. You don’t take it personal and you can’t get emotional about it. Show your children what it looks like to accept a defeat, be positive, and make the most out of it. You skip out of ruining the rest of the day and treat yourself to a long bath or your husband to a massage with no guilt. Plan your best and have joy and grace when it doesn’t work out. You will find that you have more time than you think, are okay leaving the laundry for one day, and focus more on what matters: your family {and yourself!}


I know how crazy it can be trying to make sense of it all, let alone find a starting point for time management. That’s why I want to give you a copy of my Get Stuff Done Planner. The printable pages can be put in any order and you can use whatever you like and ignore what may not work for you. Remember, we just gotta start somewhere.

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