The Well Box

It’s Time to Make the Switch

Like most American families, we shopped at local big box stores whose shelves are filled with products provided by mega-corp middle-men who care less about the customers. Their biggest concerns are to get as much pumped out as possible – no matter how toxic – and to get us to consume more than we need.

Making our switch…

About two years ago, we started our hunt for greener, cleaner products that accommodated our Torah pursuant lifestyle and gave us the opportunity to purchase as many essentials as possible in one place.

There was a private, family-owned company who launched a business right here in America with the vow to make safer products that would be inspired by nature and proven by science. This is why The Wellness Company stuck out.

It’s their hallmark: natural ingredients fine-tuned for the best results. Their search for better, safer, more natural solutions never ends. They seek renewable plant sources, search for naturally derived alternatives, and defer to biodegradable ingredients. Then they refine them with cutting-edge science.

The switch was made…

With a little hesitation (because it was something new), we took the leap and gave this company a try. Needless to say, a year and a half later, we are still loyal customers as they are a loyal company.

We no longer worry about supporting mega-corporations who are now some of the largest funders of leftist-agendas. And we’re able to affordably shop what we need, when we need – having it all sent to our front door in just a few days after checkout.

Info About Making the Switch and Becoming a Customer