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The Joys of Literature-based Learning

I have been homeschooling going on five years and until recently, I had never considered adopting literature-based learning as a method I would use in teaching my kiddos. We already read every single day and sometimes stay in a particular book for a certain amount of time.

But to build an entire unit based lesson from a book – that’s something I had never done!

I noticed my (then almost) two year old spending quite a bit of time looking at a particular book. He held on to that book all day – looking at the pages, attempting to chew on it a bit, flipping and flopping it around. So I grabbed it and began reading it to him.

He was super engaged. Then he started pointing out colors, shapes, and other attributes… then it clicked. I told him and his sister that we would be doing some fun learning with this book, and in rushed a TON of ideas of what I could do using that one book – Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? A children’s CLASSIC!

We are now on week two of a literature-based lesson plan that I created and I am in love with the possibilities. Seriously, they are endless. My brain combined with Netflix, YouTube, and Pinterest – there has been and will be cooking, crafting, writing, and dancing every day all from this ONE literature-based unit study.

Something else I found interesting about the literature-based learning approach is not only is it versatile, but it has some great statistics to back it up. Children who are introduced to a literature-based learning method are reported to have enhanced thinking skills, improved vocabulary, an increase in reading comprehension, a boost in reading ability, and heightened language growth. The best part about it is there doesn’t have to be an overwhelming time spent on planning! (win-win)

With my new interest in literature-based learning, you will begin to see lit-based unit studies pop up in the shop. They will be detailed with sample lesson plans, worksheets, ideas, material & resource ideas, and more!

Be sure to follow my Facebook page With the Huddleston’s as I always post a little snippet of ideas that can be done with the resources I create. If you’re not already on my email list, you’ll wanna get on that too! Simply drop your email to the right and grab a free digital magazine for doing so!

In the meantime, you can get my first literature-based learning unit study – What Do You See? in the SHOP.

What’s all in this unit study?

  • over 80 pages
  • sample lesson plan included
  • blank lesson planning template
  • sequence cards for story-telling
  • for each animal
    • facts sheet
    • animal coloring page
    • letter coloring page
    • letter tracing
    • sight word book written by Michelle Huddleston
  • Other book suggestions
  • Suggested YouTube videos
  • Animal-themed recipe ideas
  • Pinterest finds
  • Netflix finds

Enough activities included for over a month’s worth of studying about animals, and perfect for multiple ages!

CHIME IN: what are some of your favorite books you’d like to see as a lit-based learning resource? Let me know in the comments below!

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