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The iBlog Movement

Google “iBlog” and you’ll get some pretty interesting results. Search the hashtag on Instagram and you’ll come across some 40K results. None of which come remotely close to the movement I’m launching next month. If you’re a blogger, you may have heard the term “blog party”. If you’re not a blogger, it simply means a host blogger has lots of other bloggers join in on writing and publishing about a particular topic… gives you good and cool stuff to read… and everybody is happy. The motive depends on the host but they are typically all within good moral and value standing.

I don’t think what I’m launching is totally new or all that fancy, but it is different. How? Well for starters, I’ve reached out and snagged thirty-one new and upcoming Bloggers just like me. This means we may not have the number one spot on Google search. Our social media followers are over-shadowed by the “top dogs”. And we all most likely just jumped on the #seriouslyblogging train within that last year or so.

But what do we all have in common? A voice, experiences, and a platform. What this says is we will be in one of the top spots in Google search. Our social media followers will double and triple. And we will be taken serious, meeting the top dogs at. the. TOP!

A new collaborator I connected with the other day said something to me that I will never forget… and it also confirmed part of my motive for THE iBlog movement – “collaboration over competition”. She is so right about that. Anyone that’s been in the entre-, solo-, mompreneur profession for any amount of time can vouch for the competition that seems to silently brew beneath before coming out as, “okay, okay… I’m not upset… it’s just… I’m trying to figure out how you’re so successful at this… because I’m over here with 2 likes, $50 wasted in boosted posts, and no return on my resources…. and you’re over there with a million views, a trillion shares, and six figures just hit your bank account – for this month alone!” #saidafriend

So an idea popped in my head, literally last week, to reach out to other new bloggers and work together on spreading the word about our blogs, websites, resources, etc. – together. Within one day spots were filled. The topics rolling in are amazing. And this movement in and of itself is going to be amazing. Every day for the month of May, a different blogger will take the stage here on With the Huddleston’s. Topics will vary but will all fall within the lines of family, homeschooling, and mompreneurship – things that a lot of us can relate to.

So I encourage you to get your bookmarks and share finger ready because you’ll want to keep your eye on these thirty-one bloggers!


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4 thoughts on “The iBlog Movement”

    1. Thanks Tina! I did some research and couldn’t find anything like it either! Excited to launch what has the opportunity to be something HUGE in the blogging community! 😀

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