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The DIY Homeschool Curriculum Method

Everywhere you look you can find something related to DIY – do it yourself. From garden landscaping to home upgrades, doing it yourself is no surprise. What about when it comes to planning your own homeschool curriculum? Before you panic and leave, allow me to tell you five reasons how planning your own curriculum can be a game changer for your homeschool (and your sanity).


Planning your own homeschool curriculum gives you a voice. Each and every homeschooling family has unique children with unique learning styles. Moms (and dads) are also bringing their unique [teaching] styles to the table. When you are in control of what you want your children to learn, and what you want to teach, you are exercising your right to voice that!


As mentioned a little bit before, planning your own curriculum gives you the freedom to choose. Of course people choose different boxed [pre-set] curricula because something resonates with them and the company who made it… but what if this isn’t your case? What if you are having a hard time finding curricula to accommodate your homeschool? Now enters the next game changer…

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By planning your own homeschool curriculum, you are able to accommodate the varying abilities that each and every homeschool encounters at some point in time. Whether you have a reluctant reader, an active kiddo who only sits still for 5 minutes at a time, or an eighth grader struggling with math – you can accommodate that.


Versatility is one of the most important reasons why moms [and dads] choose the homeschooling curricula they do. But what happens when you get that boxed curricula in only to find out it’s not as versatile as was advertised? The wallet may not be as versatile to keep affording to switch things up until you find something that works. Planning your own curriculum allows a versatility like no other.


There is no question about it that planning your own homeschool curriculum is one of the cheapest routes to take when trying to save a buck. With the proper resources and support, countless of homeschooling families are finding out that they can homeschool for free!

I just so happen to be one of those people who have a tried and true system in place for DIY Curriculum Planning. I started planning my own curriculum from the beginning and haven’t deviated from it going on six years later. From online resources to books schools are about to toss in the trash – I started gathering and doing things in a way that has me spending less than $100 on curriculum each and every year.


You can do this too! Just ask me how!

CHIME IN: do you plan your own curriculum? What are some resources you can’t homeschool without? Share in the comments!


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