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Thankful for the Company

Join Thankful for… Blog Party Contributor, Rebecca, as she talks about being thankful for the company of her husband.

I thank God every day for my husband, Tristan. I’m so thankful for his company, because it makes my life and my little boy’s, Luke’s, life so much richer.

As a team, we work together for God’s glory, and I can see we’re so much better now than we were when we were single.

Was I Always Thankful for His Company?

I have to admit, there came a time when I wasn’t always thankful for Tristan’s company.

When we first met, my husband only saw the good in me. And, of course, I was so prideful, I thought there wasn’t too much that was wrong with me.

However, as we got to know each other’s faults a little better, Tristan discovered that not all of my opinions were good and helpful all the time. As he began to oppose some of my views, I was hurt deeply.

But, we worked through our differences, forgave each other, and learned to change ourselves into more godly models of godliness.

And, now it’s a different story and I love my husband being around. Furthermore, I’m so thankful to God for putting him in my life to correct me.

Learning to Be Thankful for His Company

I must admit, I had to learn to be thankful for my husband’s company.

The first year of my marriage (which were complicated by fibromyalgia and my husband’s more-than-full-time college workload) was difficult.

Ungratefully, I wished I’d never married him on more than one occasion. But, I’m so thankful God made me work through the hard parts of marriage.

God brought me to value my marriage by putting me in the way of some great sermons on marriage. Sermons that say spouses should put each other first and love each other like Messiah loved us, and that we ought to treat each other like ‘sons and daughters of the Most High King’.

In that way, we will grow to value each other more.

Consequently, I fell back in love with my husband – only this time around, it was a love that was rooted in Messiah, not one that was conditional on my needs being fulfilled first.

Now, I really struggle when Tristan’s not around…

What Happens When He’s Not Around?

When my husband is not around, I seem to fall to pieces.

As the day comes when he must go away for a weekend to a conference (he’s a physiotherapist), I tend to fall to pieces.

A dark cloud seems to hover over me as I anticipate having to look after my 15-month-old myself and do without Tristan’s company.

(Whatever happened to the 23-year-old woman who was so independent that she didn’t have time for relationships with other people because she was going to finish her medicine course and conquer the world by herself???)

As Tristan kisses me goodbye, I pathetically cling to him, knowing I must let him go in about 30 seconds. I think he sees how dejected I look, and he gives me an apologetic smile.

When he goes, I usually try to make myself so busy, so I won’t notice he’s gone. But, usually I’m so miserable my depression lasts for as long as he’s away.

And when he comes home, it’s safe to say, there are fireworks in my brain!

(Let me know if you feel the same way about your hubby going away!)

What If Lost His Company Forever?

I’m not a drama queen, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what would happen if my husband weren’t around.

I wonder if I would shatter and fall to pieces.

Some part of me likes to think I’ll rely on God, and thank Him for the time I’ve had with my husband and then lean on God more strongly thereafter.

One of my friends has done just this. She lost her husband to cancer when he was 36-years-old. She was left with three little children, all with severe autism.

But, I watched this woman soldier on, despite her loss.

To fill her husband’s void, she leaned heavily on God, and I saw her faith blossom. I’d like to think I’d deal with the loss of my husband in a similar vein.

Thanks be to God for My Husband and the Company He Gives

I’m so thankful to Messiah for Tristan because he makes my life so much easier than it would be without him. Tristan pays the bills, takes out the trash and gives me a rest when I need it.

Thank you, God, for giving me such a great gift – for the gift of company!


Rebbecca Devitt is the author of Why on Earth Homeschool: The Case for Christian Homeschooling. She’s the wife of a husband who is her best friend and makes her laugh and a son who is too cute for words. She’s dabbled in Nursing, Medical Science, Medicine and Law before settling down to her dream job—being a full-time mother! The family live in Wollongong and actively participate in their wonderful church, Wollongong Baptist Church. Rebbecca has written for various blogs including Homeschooling with HeartWhy on Earth Homeschool and her own Christian homeschooling website, How Do I Homeschool. As you can guess, her passion lies in helping people to homeschool well.

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