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Thankful for Homeschooling – An Online Gathering for Moms

Every year more and more moms are choosing to home educate their children. With this journey comes ups and downs, as well as other obstacles to navigate.

One of the these obstacles is staying encouraged. This is precisely where the annual online gathering for moms – Thankful for Homeschooling – comes in.

An online gathering you won’t forget…

Every year during the entire month of November, we host one of the largest inspirational and encouraging online events for homeschooling moms. This event takes place in our Homeschool Community Facebook Group – Outta’ Box Homeschooling, and it’s absolutely FREE!

 Get ready to have your thankful tank filled!

Meet the Sponsors

A special dose of thanks is owed to our sponsors: Hoffman Academy, True North Homeschool Academy, Minnesota Country Girl, and Grasshopper Academics! Their generosity in backing this gathering means a lot to us.

*Sponsor is also a giveaway host.

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy is a music education experience based on cutting edge teaching science and a student-centered promise: turning ordinary people into extraordinary musicians.

Developed by Joseph Hoffman, M.M., their highly developed method equips students with a strong foundation in creating and understanding music. Mr. Hoffman’s teaching is fun and engaging – my son loves learning and practicing with him.

You’ll find that his online games help with mastery of concepts, and practice tracks make students feel like pros. Made to fit your schedule and budget, Hoffman Academy is the best possible way to truly learn music.

Mr. Hoffman has been our go-to for [free] online piano lessons for over three years. He has made adding a special elective to our homeschooling routine super simple.

True North Homeschool Academy*

Lisa Nehring (also one of this year’s speakers) has homeschooled for over 25 years and believes that “Education is the transmission of culture.”

She is committed to bringing a culture of Truth, beauty and goodness to fellow homeschoolers through her on-line program, which provides live on-line and self-paced courses, testing, a K-12th Special Needs program, E-Books, community and more!

Minnesota Country Girl*

Minnesota Country Girl founder, Sharla, is a single mom, blogger, homesteader, homeschool mom, and avid gardener.

Minnesota Country Girl provides tips, encouragement, resources, support, and inspires families to become self-sufficient on the homestead and in homeschool. If you’re looking for some guidance on homesteading, gardening, or homeschooling, she has you covered!

Grasshopper Academics

Grasshopper Academics founder, Natalie Cottrell, created Grasshopper Academics as an in-home education program in Seattle, WA that has grown to also include a preschool and a French Immersion program.

Every year, dozens of her students transition into kindergarten achieving skills beyond state standards for entering 1st grade.

It has since grown into an online and traveling resource for curriculum and coaching, to teach adults beyond her local neighborhoods how to access their child’s full potential and use it to keep alive their natural joy of learning.

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Meet the Vendors

Something new that we added this year is the ability to exclusively shop with some amazing vendors. These businesses thrive on providing reliable resources that help make homeschooling easier.

*Vendor is also a giveaway host.

Bible Pathway Adventures *

Founded in 2013 by Curtis and Pip Reid, Bible Pathway Adventures helps parents disciple their children in a fun creative way.

They do this via illustrated Bible stories, teacher packs, and downloadable activities – all available for free download on their website.

Curtis and Pip split their time between New Zealand and Canada, where they also run a discipleship ministry, The Donkey Stable.

Literary Adventures for Kids *

Literary Adventures for Kids wants your homeschool to be enchanting. They help parents and students dig deeper, go on rabbit trails, and add a little adventure all while enjoying great literature.

Their online family book clubs encourage your kids to:

  • Dig deep and be inspired by literature
  • Jump down rabbit trails of discovery
  • Broaden their minds with new adventures
  • Ask big questions and learn to think critically
  • Bring literature to life with sprinkles of magic dust along the way


T. Renai Ruiz is a homeschool mom of 15 years (and counting!) in a bilingual, bicultural home. She earned a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, Early Childhood Education while working as a public school teacher and continuing to homeschool.

While homeschooling bilingually, she found a dearth of resources, and created materials and developed methods to maintain Spanish speaking and Literary.

She now teaches online to children and families, creating materials that will help families learn Spanish together, as well as supplemental materials to increase vocabulary and conversation in practical ways.

With the Huddlestons*

Yours truly will have several products in the Vendor Hall, giving you exclusive perks too good to mention now! *wink* To give you the Cliff’s notes about us, we are a husband-wife team dedicated to strengthening marriages, families, and homeschools.

We offer downloadable resources, self-paced eCourses for kids, live online classes through our recently launched academy (HALA), Creation Exploration Classes for families in their area, as well as virtual conferences and seminars. Come learn, live, and lead with us!

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Meet the Speakers

Of course this wouldn’t be much of a gathering at all without speakers. There are some pretty powerful ladies lined up that will bless your socks off and leave you as an empowered homeschooling mama.

*Speaker is also a giveaway host.

Michelle Huddleston, Host*
November 1 at 8p CST
Topic: Being Thankful In All Circumstances

Michelle is a self-published inspirational Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Home Education Specialist (birth to age 10). She is wife to Bryan Huddleston and co-owner of With the Huddlestons – one of the fastest growing virtual homeschooling communities. Together they homeschool their tribe of 4 kiddos and love learning in the great outdoors.

As your host, we will kick this event off talking about part of the Father’s desire for us – being thankful in all circumstances. You’ll be encouraged to count it all joy through practical applications you can implement every day.

Lisa Nehring*
November 6 @ 8p CST
Topic: Preparing Kids for Life After Homeschool

Lisa Nehring has homeschooled for over 25 years and believes that “Education is the transmission of culture.” She is committed to bringing a culture of Truth, beauty and goodness to fellow homeschoolers through her online program, True North Homeschool Academy.

Nitza Moshe*
November 8 @ 8p CST
Topic: Homeschooling During Hard Times

Nitza Moshe has been homeschooling since 1990 and is on schedule to graduate her youngest at the end of her fall years at the ripe age of nearly 62 – just in time to enter the winter season of her life.

She has home educated her own five children and those who lived with her and her husband as part of a children’s ministry for girls from distressed homes, in addition to caring for babies born to incarcerated women.

In addition to homeschooling, Nitza has experience with home birthing and assisting midwives with herbs and aromatherapy. For more than 30 years, she has been an ardent student and has had classroom and on-the-job training for Biblical natural health coaching, studying herbalism, certified professional aromatherapy and other natural health practices.

With a desire to help empower other mothers to Come Out of Egypt, especially, regarding birthing, lactation, home education and health care, Nitza began Remnant Remedy as a ministry first and a business second.

Erica Smith*
November 13 @ 7p CST
Topic: Educating With Your Child’s Love Language

Founder of Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Homeschool, Erica Smith, loves to READ historical fiction (and clean romance) novels and be in the mountains (especially in the autumn when the leaves are changing colors).

She is a WIFE to a hardworking, smart and wonderful man (David) and a stay at home MOMMY to three energetic, enthusiastic and creative boys. Our FAMILY knows that you can never stop learning; so we enjoy learning together!

If you are looking for engaging HOMESCHOOL, preschool or kindergarten ACTIVITIES and PRINTABLES to add to your rainy days, playtime, lesson plans or centers, she has resources for you!

Victoria Lucas
November 15 @ 7p CST
Topic: Raising a Remnant – Preparing Our Children Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally for the Technological (5G, A.I., etc.) Advancement

Victoria Lucas, co-host of Crossing Over and production host for Crossing Over’s Homeschool Program, has been a believer in the Messiah for 33 yrs. and has been Torah Pursuant since 2012.

She has been married to her soul mate Ryan Lucas for 11yrs. Victoria has 3 amazing children Hunter who is 17, Olivia who is 10 and Bradley who is 6. She began her journey with NYSTV when she was asked to share her testimony in a featured clip called The Exodus Road.

Victoria Lucas is the author of the Meekness series. Through meekness she has developed the capacity to serve her community in all aspects of faith. Her love for Truth and desire to see the restoration of YHWH’s Kingdom motivate her to step into the battlefield where she can shoulder the burden of others.

Anita Gibson
November 19 @ 7p CST
Topic: You Are A Champion – 5 Steps to Unleash Your Mommy Power

Anita Gibson is an author, speaker, coach and Educational Strategist. Since 2002, she has served the homeschool community by introducing youth & parents to academic success strategies.

Her desire is to show each parent how to find their child’s STAR qualities so they can WIN! Anita has been married to her amazing husband, Glen for 35 years.

They are the parents of three adult children, Lauren, a Foreign Service officer, Dannielle, a middle school science & math teacher and Richard, a technology instructor and professional photographer.

Angela Perry
November 21 @ 1:30p CST
Topic: Homeschooling Large Families

Angela Jordan Perry is a wife of 26 years, homeschooling Mom of eight children (four adopted), mentor, and entrepreneur.

She is the host of Girlfriends’ Guide to Homeschooling with Angela Jordan Perry show on FB and YouTube and podcast host of Girlfriends Chat with Angela Jordan Perry (available on all podcast platforms). Both shows are geared to those of the African Homeschooling Diaspora

Angela is also the Founder of several home education programs, such as: Educating Our Own, STEAM Co-Op of the Upstate, Uhuru Co-op, and Mocha Homeschooling Moms-SC. She is also e-book author of Rock A Healthy Homeschooling Home.

Dr. Sheva Quinn
November 27 @ 8p CST
Topic: Homeschooling & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Sheva Quinn is a woman of many talents, including: Mother, Retired Air Force Veteran, Homeschool Mogul, Small Business Developer, Grant Writing Consultant, Speaker, Author and Pastry Chef.

She is a virtual mentor and coach, affecting the lives of over 10K social followers daily. Sheva has a plethora of degrees and certifications ranging from Curriculum and Instruction and Human Relations/Human Resources to Business Management, Nonprofit Development, and  STEM Teaching and Learning.

It gets even better…

As if there isn’t already enough, there will be some sweet giveaways… OVER $900 to be exact! You’ll have chances to win resources for you and your homeschoolers!

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss one of the biggest online gatherings for homeschool moms – Thankful for Homeschooling!

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Is it really free?
Absolutely! Because of our generous sponsors, vendors, and speakers, this event costs you nothing.

How do I participate?
Simply join our Homeschool Community Facebook Group – Outta’ Box Homeschooling! The entire event from speaker’s talks and shopping to giveaways and chatting with other moms all takes place in this group.

What if I do not have a Facebook account?
As of now, this is our chosen method for this particular conference. We are considering other options for future Thankful for Homeschooling online gatherings. If you would like to view the speakers videos, consider starting your membership with us. The speaker’s videos will be added to our archives accessible by membership holders only.

How do I watch the speakers?
Each speaker will go live in the group at their designated dates and times. Don’t worry if you can’t watch them live! All videos will be kept in the group until December 1st! Tune in when you can from wherever you are in the world.

What if I want to watch the videos after December 1st?
To gain access to the videos beyond the set event dates (November 1-30), consider starting your membership with us! You’ll not only gain access to this year’s Thankful for Homeschooling event, but also all the videos from last year’s gathering and other great membership-only resources.

Can I participate as a sponsor, vendor, or speaker?
We are always looking for new businesses, bloggers, and companies to collaborate with. There is a great deal of planning that goes into each gathering so this year’s spots are closed. However, if you are interested in next year’s gathering, or other events that we host, click here and submit a form. You’ll be put on our list and contacted with future opportunities to work with us!

Extra special dose of thanks and blessings to…

The two Virtual Assistants it took to make planning and executing this event way easier than it would’ve been:

Krissy Scoon
Sweet Savvy Mamma – Graphic Design

Krissy Scoon is a graphic designer specializing in online social media, blogging, email marketing and website graphics. She helps entrepreneurs, bloggers and ministry leaders create their individual brand through branding boards, logos & other visual tools. Save time and stress by allowing Krissy Scoon to handle all your graphic design needs.

Maria Pate
Virtual Assistant

Maria Pate is a virtual assistant, but first and foremost a child of God, a cowboy’s wife, and a momma bear to three kiddos, plus homeschools. Her mission is to help small businesses reach their goals by supporting, collaborating, and assisting with administrative tasks. Email: mariapateva@gmail.com or connect with her on Facebook.

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