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Thank-FULL for Deviating from the Expected

Join Blog Contributor Lisa as she talks about being thank-full for the journey of deviating from the expected.

My family and I have studied a lot of history over the years. We are history junkies and can place most events in history within a hundred years or closer, depending on who you are in the family.

We often spend time discussing, comparing and contrasting historical events. In light of this I realize with growing awareness, that my life compared to most of history is an anomaly.

I can choose.

I am free. I am educated. I have clean water, abundant food, safety, security, a warm and functioning home, complete with heat and running water, safe roads and health care.

I have chosen my own spouse, used birth control, or not, had as many children as we could and wanted, left the workforce, and re-entered the work-force.

I had books to chose from, the ability to move and travel extensively, the freedom to buy and sell and start a business. I’ve had cars to drive and gasoline to run them, entertainment of various sorts, and the freedom to worship where and when I wanted.

And this list is not exhaustive. I could go on.

We are not wealthy. In fact, we have been ridiculed because we chose kids and homeschooling and running after God instead of running after careers and wealth.

We chose one thing instead of another. We had that freedom.

By histories standards, and around the world today, we are wealthy. We live as kings and queens. We live in abundance. We live in excess.

I am grateful.

I don’t fear for my children’s lives as some do. I am concerned more with them keeping their faith, rather than dying for it.

I don’t worry about our safety at church though in other parts of the world, my brothers and sisters in Messiah are paying a heavy price because of their love for the Messiah.

My life, though I suffer various trials, is comparatively easy. For which I am abundantly grateful.

And I want it to count.

I want the abundance I’ve been given – you’ve been given- to be meaningful. To make a difference. To be a light.

I often wonder how much it does. I’m just one middle-aged Momma.  A very flawed one at that, who has yelled too much, cared too much or too little, seemingly all at the wrong times, misunderstood and blundered my way through parenting and homeschooling.

It’s been a widow’s mite, all that I’ve offered up.

But one thing I have done and done reasonably well. I have not quit.

Even still, I continue.

I have held fast, stayed the course, kept standing, gotten back up and looked like an idiot, sometimes all at once. I have kept praying and kept believing and kept blundering, and failing, mostly forward.

And, on this side of heaven, that is enough. To be faithful in the small things, even which we’ve been given so much and it does seem so small.

We live in a very unique time in history- you and I – when we’ve been given an abundant wealth of choice.

My challenge to you during this season of Thanksgiving is to ask YHVH how to make the most of it – how to spend your choice cash, as it were, well. Ask Him and wait on the answer. And then faithfully follow His guidance.

Trust Him to take your offering and turn it into something beautiful, in His time.

Happy Thanksgiving Homeschool Tribe! I am thankful to be on the journey with you!

Lisa Nehring

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