Terms and Conditions

With the Huddlestons

Who we are.

Bryan and Michelle Huddleston are the sole owners and operators of With the Huddlestons. Included in With the Huddlestons is: Huddleston Academy, Huddleston Academy Live Academics, Huddle Up, and More Than Minority. Any and all business pertaining to the names aforementioned are exclusive to Bryan and Michelle Huddleston.

Bryan and Michelle are natives of Kentucky and are currently homeschooling their four blessings (3 boys and 1 girl). Faith and family are two of the most important things to them, as well as the liberty to educate children as parents see fit. They are a Torah pursuant family and holds the commandments of Yah to a high regard.

Honesty and integrity are two attributes in which With the Huddlestons was built on; therefore, anyone choosing to become an affiliate must exhibit those to characteristics.

What we do.

With the Huddlestons is the umbrella above all tools, resources, and support offered to help families thrive. Current operations include:

  • Educational resources
    • Downloadables and printables
    • Physical materials (books, workbooks, activity books, etc.)
    • Online eCourses (for kids & moms)
    • Free online COOP program
  • Mentorship/Advising
    • Individual counseling
    • Group coaching
  • Events
    • Online conferences, summits, seminars, etc.
    • Specialized training

Opportunities for you.

Should you choose to become an Affiliate, you will have a variety of ways to earn income. The simplest way is to promote products and services that fit your niche. It is not recommended to promote products that do not appeal to your audience.

With the Huddlestons offers the following incentives to help you maximize earnings:

  • Affiliate:
    • Earn 15% on all applicable sales
    • Payout at $10
    • Commission paid on or by 15th of each month for the month prior
  • Amazon Associate:
    • Earn revenue through promoting our Amazon products

Bonuses are also available for top selling Affiliates, including but not limited to:

  • Cash bonuses
  • Gift cards
  • Gift certificates
  • Free product

Guidelines to follow.

Proper advertisement. Under no circumstances are you permitted to falsely advertise With the Huddlestons or any program related (Huddleston Academy, Huddleston Academy Live Academics, Huddle Up, More than Minority). Only advertise products that are applicable to your niche and audience, and within the proper context to which the product refers.

Mandatory cease. Please note that we are a Torah pursuant family who observes Biblical Sabbath (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown). Our shop is closed during this time and ordering is restricted. As an Affiliate of With the Huddlestons, it is vital that you do not promote buying/selling from our shop during that time.

Use of ads/swipe copy material. All promotional graphics will be provided for you and can be located in your Affiliate dashboard. You will also find swipe copy samples in the Facebook group; however, it is recommended that you use your own words to keep it real.

Discounts, giveaways, and promotions. If you would like to get a special discount, coupon code, do a giveaway, and/or run a promotion with any of With the Huddleston’s products, please send an email to affiliate@withthehuddlestons.com and explain in detail what you would like and why. You will receive a response within 3 business days.

Affiliate Perks

As an Affiliate of With the Huddlestons, you will have special perks, such as (but not limited to):

  • Affiliate discount on applicable products
  • First to know about new products
  • 60-day cookies
  • Regular performance incentives
  • Possibility of receiving increased payouts & bonuses

Discontinue and/or Termination

As an Affiliate of With the Huddlestons, you are under no obligation to stay for a specific amount of time. However, you are required to stay in good standing as long as you are an Affiliate. If you choose to discontinue your affiliation, it is mandatory that you submit in writing (email) that you no longer would like to remain an Affiliate of With the Huddlestons. Upon receiving your request, you will receive any payout owed to you and your account suspended.

Grounds for termination include (but are not limited to):

  • Misrepresentation of With the Huddlestons, HA, HALA, HU, and/or MTM
  • Promoting buying/selling of our products during Sabbath hours
  • Dishonesty


Upon reading this and choosing to continue moving forth as an Affiliate of With the Huddlestons, you are agreeing to abide by all terms of service mentioned above. Bryan and Michelle Huddleston reserve the right to make changes to these terms at any time, in which you will be notified and receive an updated copy. The Huddlestons take relationships, collaborations, and partnerships very serious and hold it to a high standard similar to a covenant. Therefore, please know that if you have any questions, comments, criticisms, or concerns, you are encouraged to reach out to them.

If you agree to this agreement, disclosure, and terms of service – click here and finish the process of becoming an Affiliate of With the Huddlestons.