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Why We Started Keeping Sabbath

I never questioned much about the Bible, let alone what the Preachers I sat under were teaching. Why did I need to? They knew more than me and the Scriptures were normally beyond my understanding anyways. I was fairly familiar with different denominations and I settled for the understanding that each group had their own… Continue reading Why We Started Keeping Sabbath

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5 Questions to Ask for an Intensely Deep Bible Study

There's no doubt about it. For majority of us born and raised in "the church," you grow up with certain things ingrained in you... especially depending on the denomination. You are taught things like context (how to perceive Scripture), how to praise and worship, what to wear/how to dress,¬†when to attend services, and so on… Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask for an Intensely Deep Bible Study

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He wants it all.

How often do you travel life's journey thinking that you are giving God your all? If you're anything like me, I go through some serious spurts where I'm all in. Other times, I think I'm all in. And then there are those moments where I've completely stopped traveling on purpose. Sometimes we believe that congregating… Continue reading He wants it all.