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My Top 10 Tips to Successfully Homeschool While Working a Job

My Top 10 Tips to Successfully Homeschool While Working a Job is part of the Back to Homeschool: Mind Over Matter blog series. This post has been provided by Holly from Fulltime Homeschool Mom.

Are you wondering how you can work a job and homeschool at the same time? Is this question keeping you up at nights wondering how you can make it work? 

I have good news for you, YES you can homeschool and work a job. You want to homeschool your children right? Yet you have to work a job? Don’t fret! I have 10 awesome tips to share with you so you can have a successful homeschool adventure with your kids while you are working a job.

These tips are from my personal experience of homeschooling and working a job for 19 years. I have worked part-time and full-time at home and outside the home.

 Tip #1:  Both mom and dad have to be on the same page.

It is so important for both of you to be on the same page in regards to every area of your lives. This is more than homeschooling and working a job.

Being on the same page with:

  • Housework- It needs to be shared instead of mom doing all the housework.  Split up housework among all members of the family.  Your two year can carry laundry from bedrooms to the laundry room and sort them by color. The teenager can be in charge of cleaning the kitchen daily.  Another example is dividing the house into zones for each member of the family depending on their ages.
  • Chores-Everybody should have chores.  Have a family meeting about chores and decide who gets what chore to help keep things picked up and cleaned.  Remember my story of coming home to a mess on the table and kitchen? This is why everybody should have chores!!
  • Responsibilities- Who will be responsible for cooking, mowing, trash, clean up after meals, grading, bill paying, grocery shopping and so on?  You can’t do it all as a working homeschool mom. Its time to divide and conquer. You and your husband need to make this decision together as to who gets what.

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Holly is a full-time homeschool mom and also works outside the home full time. She has homeschooled her three kids since kindergarten, with two already graduated.  Her oldest finished college and is married and her middle son is in college with 1 year left. The last child is almost done and will be starting her art career soon. You can learn more about Holly’s experiences at her blog, Full-Time Homeschool Mom





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Homeschooling for the Business Mom

Homeschooling for the business mom may sound like it could be more chaotic than calm. Most work-from-home moms will even admit (me included) that it can be more stressed than blessed at times. This is until we find our homeschooling groove where both schedules combine to create a flow that allows for proper education and business to both get done.

There can be a lot at play when choosing to homeschool and run a business, so I want to cut to the chase and share my top four things to consider for the business homeschooling mom.

Now, there are arguments for and against the idea of homeschooling, but many people thoroughly believe that it is the best way of getting a good amount of education for their children. If you are a working mom, it is especially important to think about the best ways of getting the most out of homeschooling while running a business.

Choose the Right Curriculum

One of the first things I suggest you do is make sure you choose the right curriculum. Having the right curriculum that fits your family’s style and your kiddos learning needs means effective learning.

Effective learning means less confusion and less meltdowns; and instead, smoother and more balanced days. The best way to do this is to choose a homeschool curriculum you are actually going to use. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to moms who have spent hundreds of dollars on curricula only to find out that something like the do-it-yourself approach works the best.

This step is so important because it makes homeschooling more practical and efficient. Not to mention, it can also save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

Set Some Ground Rules

If you are trying to run your business at home as well as homeschool your kids, things can get pretty chaotic without ground rules. Setting ground rules is a simple way to let everyone know what they can and can’t do, and when they can or cannot do it. This also means setting some ground rules for yourself. 😉

It may sound harsh but it works. There are times where I may work outside the hours my husband has set for me, and the kiddos know what is acceptable during that time, and what is not.

Now it may try to get out of hand every now and then, but setting ground rules for the children helps improve their capacity for learning and studying, as well as allowing you to focus on your business as well. Making sure you abide by the ground rules set also helps your kids get a good dose in character training in terms of patience, respect, and work ethic.

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Draw up a Daily Schedule/Routine

As with anything like this, structure is important, and making sure you have a schedule (or routine) you can actually follow is a plus. Don’t get hung up on a schedule having to look a certain way more than it accommodating your unique family dynamic.

Overall, having some type of routine is essential for making the most out of the study time, and maximizing the day for everyone’s benefit. There are tons of ways you can set up a daily routine, but starting with a close look at your family, the activities you have going on, and going from there will help you draw up the perfect schedule for your homeschooling each day.

Also consider multiple schedules… one for homeschooling and one for business, but make sure they compliment one another (or it’ll be more chaos and overwhelm). I personally choose to wake up several hours earlier than the rest of my family so I can have ample time to shower, grab coffee, have alone time with the Father, and get uninterrupted work done.

If there is more to do, I wait until nap time or schedule a few hours of outside play time with Daddy so I can finish up the day’s tasks.

Consider Alternatives

If push comes to shove and you find yourself in a position where you are not able to physically homeschool your kids and run a business effectively, consider alternatives. When something has got to give, you have to decide what that’s going to be. I don’t always recommend this as the first go-to option, but you should know that options are there.

There are times when a nanny is necessary. This person can come in at whatever hours you set and care for your children while you work. There is also the option to bring a business partner aboard, like a Virtual Assistant (yay for hubby business partners too). And if you’re really gung-ho and want to go all out, consider a Charter School or private boarding school (I’ve joked to my kids about sending them to one of these, LOL)!

As a working mother, it is important to be able to make time for both things, and this involves planning and preparation. Don’t hesitate to be decisive about the best course of action to achieve this. Use the ideas I shared to help you and do what’s best for your family.

CHIME IN: Are you a working homeschooling mom? Share some ways you make it work!

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