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Hey Homeschool Mom, STOP Letting Limiting Beliefs Define You

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Moment of confession: we all have limiting beliefs, am I right? Let’s take our confession a step further and admit that we also allow limiting beliefs define us.

If that weren’t the case there wouldn’t be books, movies, conferences, and blog posts like these to combat it. So now that we aired the dirty laundry, let’s talk about four ways to go from letting our limiting beliefs define us to walking unapologetically authentic – especially as homeschooling moms.


Admitting the fact that you have limiting beliefs is a good step forward. But, that’s not enough. Now comes the often overlooked (and daunting) task of identifying them.

What are your limiting beliefs? As a homeschooling mom, you’ve probably believed many of these:

  • I’m afraid I’m not doing a good job.
  • I don’t know how to be mom and teacher.
  • I feel guilty for pulling my kids out of school.
  • I’m worried what other think.
  • Everything I try doesn’t make it better.
  • I don’t know how to handle the hard day.

This list could literally go on and on. And that’s okay. It’s all part of identifying what your limiting beliefs are so you can move on to the next step. Keep in mind and decide now that these beliefs will no longer define you!


This is where most people stop and try to take a detour, landing them right back at facing them all over again. I did this for a long time. I could admit that I had some pretty stinkin’ thinkin’ about myself, but I wouldn’t face it.

I would brush it off and attempt to go about my merry way being a better wife, mom, homeschooling mom, and business owner. The harsh reality is not facing my limiting beliefs didn’t mean they’d go away.

It meant that it would only be a matter of time before they’d begin to show in everything I attempted to do. I had to come to a place where identifying them wasn’t enough. Facing them wasn’t enough. I wanted them gone.

Facing them prepares you for that. However, it’s consciously choosing that you want to [and will] move beyond simply facing your limiting beliefs – living free of them.

It’s one thing to say, “My homeschool doesn’t look like [hers].” but another thing to believe that you can be okay with your not-so-ordinary homeschool.

When thinking becomes believing, it’s time for the next step.

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In order for you to start seeing a different pep in your step, it’s time to replace your limiting beliefs. This is the point where enough is ENOUGH. No more identifying and facing them and expecting things to miraculously be different.

Now is the time to replace those limiting beliefs with affirmations. And not just any affirmation either. I’m talking about affirmations that get into the depths of your very being, provoking a change that will be evident in your actions.

The limiting belief of – “If I could only get it right!” – becomes – I TRUST MYSELF TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION!

“I don’t know how to handle hard days.” becomes I WILL FIND WAYS TO IMPROVISE ON HARD DAYS!

“I can’t figure out how to do this.” becomes I WILL FIND UNIQUE WAYS TO TEACH MY UNIQUE CHILDREN!

An affirmation should be something you can actively walk out, not something you merely say and maybe believe.


Best believe that you will see a big change in every area of your life. Others will notice it too. As you begin to walk out the cycle of-

  • identifying limiting beliefs
  • facing your limiting beliefs
  • replacing the limited belief [with doable affirmations]

you will be a different person. Your new train of thinking will auto-correct your course in those moments when limiting beliefs try to regain control.

Your new thought process will help you see the positive in even the most negative situations. You’ll see blessed instead of stressed. You’ll see how unique you, your children, and your homeschool are (and how awesome that is).

And the biggest thing I’ve noticed in walking this out is that it never stops. Limiting beliefs will always be there to latch on to us. It’s about coming to the point where we decide to not let our limiting beliefs define us.


In my best-selling book, Just for Today’s Homeschooling Mom, I tackle ten chapters worth of limiting beliefs.

At the end of every chapter, I help you identify the most common limiting beliefs that we as homeschooling moms deal with and provide you with life-changing affirmations.

You’ll also find Scripture for meditating and journaling, as well as prayer and journal space for noting your personal reflections.

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