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3 Genius Ideas for Homeschooling Multiples

One of the neatest trends I see in the homeschooling community is that majority of us are homeschooling multiples. Whether the kiddos are close in age are spread far apart, figuring out how to homeschool effectively can be overwhelming. I totally get it. I started this homeschooling journey with only one kiddo in tow. Fast… Continue reading 3 Genius Ideas for Homeschooling Multiples

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DIY: The Game Changer

Everywhere you look you can find something related to DIY - do it yourself. From garden landscaping to home upgrades, doing it yourself is no surprise. But what about when it comes to planning your own homeschool curriculum? Before you panic and leave, allow me to tell you five reasons how planning your own curriculum… Continue reading DIY: The Game Changer