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12 Must-Have Products for a Healthy, Holistic Pregnancy

Finding out you’re expecting a bundle of joy can be one of the most exciting times in life. Then, the thoughts of having a healthy pregnancy creep in along with the stresses of what to eat/what not to eat, what to put on your body/what not to, and so on.

I’m currently expecting our fifth child and I’m here to tell you that those thoughts don’t lighten up just because you have a house full of children. I’ll also admit that although I’m way more healthier now than when I had my first 12 child years, I still battle(d) with thoughts of having a healthy pregnancy.

There are several precautions we can take as expecting mothers, much of it being taking into consideration past and current health status, and the willingness to make the necessary changes. This is where my suggested list of must-have products for a healthy, holistic pregnancy comes in.

A Little Disclaimer

I want to give the disclaimer now, versus at the end of this blog post, because it should be noted that I am not claiming to have all the answer. I am not a licensed healthcare professional, and you should always seek your personal healthcare professional if you have any questions about products you’d like to use during pregnancy.

I’ll also admit that while there is certainly a place for Westernized medicine, most healthcare professionals beyond the naturopathic field are not quite “familiar” with nor do they primarily suggest products that are natural and pure. This is where your right and freedom to your own research and advocate for your own health kicks in.

Let me also share that I have been on both sides of the fence. I was a mainstream mama who went the traditional route of “do what the doctors say because they know best.” I also experienced trauma and unnecessary medical procedures during my first labor and delivery… resulting in an emergency c-section that almost claimed the life of me and my son.

The other side of the fence is where I’m currently building my house (LOL). I understand my right to research information, as well as my ability to take my healthcare (and that of my family’s) into my own hands. I am not afraid to seek assistance when necessary, but rarely are they ever needed (for my family personally).

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… let’s look at some must-have products for a healthy, holistic pregnancy!


The key to considering any type of vitamin is to know what’s in it. And believe it or not, knowing what’s in it is only half the battle. The other half involves understanding what the ingredients in them actually do for your body. Most “multivitamins” are synthetic with lots of additives (no bueno).  They also offer big doses of vitamins and minerals that cannot be wholly and properly absorbed. This ultimately throws off nutrient balance (the exact opposite of what we need, right?).

So what constitutes a good vitamin? They should include some form of:

  • organic herbs
  • vegan base
  • gluten-free
  • MTHFR-safe
  • natural and pure

Another rule of thumb is if you can pronounce the ingredients. If it has words that look like a foreign language, I suggest staying away from them. Vitamins I do recommend considering are:

  • Nourish Her Naturally (packed with nothing but herbs: nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf, catnip leaf, alfalfa leaf, and spearmint leaf all extracted in sustainable palm-derived glycerin)
  • Immune-Aid Vitamin C Powder (powder-based with: camu camu powder, acerola berry, orange peel, and stevia – and that’s it!)
  • Energy Plus – Herbal Iron (consists of: yellow dock, dandelion leaf, spearmint leaf, nettle leaf, and rosehips with organic palm-derived vegetable glycerin and filtered water) *I take this supplement daily!*

There are many other vitamins out there (especially those that claim “natural”) but the ones listed above are a few that I personally and highly recommend.

Teas & Other Beverages

It wasn’t until my first homebirth that I was awakened to the world of teas, especially those that are amazing for expecting mothers. I’m not sure if I’ve heard this anywhere, but it just came to mind – A cup of tea a day is the natural, holistic way!

Teas work much like vitamins, but that also means that they need to be natural and pure in ingredients as well. A few of my favorite go-to teas are:

  • Lemon-Ginger Pregnancy Tea (made with: lemon peel, ginger root, raspberry leaf, green rooibos, dandelion leaf, nettle leaf, and catnip)
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea (made with: raspberry leaf)
  • Birds & Bees Ripe & Ready Tea (made with: raspberry leaf, hibiscus petals, rose petals, cinnamon bark, allspice berries, and crystallized pinapple) *Should only be drank during 3rd trimester!*

Other beverages I recommend:

  • Smoothies (made with natural fruits and vegetables)
  • Super Foods Powder (made with: acai powder, blueberry powder, raspberry powder, strawberry powder, tart cherry powder, beet powder, cranberry powder, ginger root powder, burdock root powder, and chaga mushroom powder) *perfect for entire family and can be mixed in smoothies, yogurt, and apple sauce!*
  • Coconut Water
  • Vegetable Juices
  • Milk
  • WATER!!!

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The Body

Growing bellies and rapid weight gain (or loss) are definitely contributing factors to the dreaded stretch marks. However, no fear mama! Beyond embracing the beautiful changes our bodies endure, we can prepare our skin for all it may endure – from stretch marks to becoming increasingly dry and itchy!

Some go-to body creams, butters, and serums I suggest are:

  • Soothing Belly Butter (ingredients: mango butter, organic cocoa butter, organic comfrey leaves, grapeseed oil, and organic rosehip seed oil) *This one’s coming in my next order, woot woot!*
  • Vitamin D Cream (ingredients: cod liver oil, emu oil, avocado oil, organic mango butter, and candellila wax) *Can’t wait to try this one too, and for the hubby who has a Vitamin D deficiency!*

There aren’t many suggestions for this one because once you find something that’s good (and works), why look for more?!

Other Aids

I for one experience horrible sinuses while pregnant, not to mention a few rounds with morning sickness. These are no fun when trying to get used to the changing hormones, growing belly, and the physical feels of a baby (or two) growing within you. Below are a few products that can help with those other pregnancy side-effects:

  • Mama’s Tummy Relief (made with: organic fennel seed, organic ginger root, organic catnip, organic blackberry leaf, organic dandelion root, organic palm-derived vegetable glycerin, and filtered water + alcohol free!)
  • Sinus Saver (made with: organic nettle leaf, organic elderberries, organic turmeric root, organic black pepper, organic dandelion root, organic cane alcohol, filtered water)
  • Postpartum Balance (made with: organic herbs (turmeric, black pepper, dandelion root, catnip, alfalfa) organic alcohol, filtered water)
  • Natural Balance (made with: licorice root, dandelion root, shatavari root, catnip, ashwagandha, organic alcohol and filtered water)

And There Ya Have It Mama!

Of course there are numerous other vitamins, teas, body creams, and other aids you can find and incorporate into your pregnancy regimen, but be mindful of ingredients. The ones I’ve suggested above are those I’ve either tried and/or currently use or plan to use, but most importantly trust.

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Here’s to healthy, holistic pregnancies – and beyond!

CHIME IN: What are your go-to products for fostering a healthy, holistic pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!