The Epic Bloganized Planner

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I have a serious love affair with journals, planners, and organizers. It’d blow your mind to see my bookshelves full of these things, but I love and need them in my life. It’s how I’ve always been and there are no signs of that changing. As of today, I use a total of three planners. . . and yes, on a daily basis.

“Just what am I using and why?” is most likely what you’re wondering after reading that, eh? Well here’s the thing. I have searched long and hard to find an all-inclusive planner. Shucks, I even broke down and made a 250+ page one back in 2016! Thing is, it just. didn’t. work. Nope. The idea was nice, but what I’ve realized is I am actually more organized when I keep things separated.

This year I’m using a huge binder for all my printable planners. I have a section for my homeschool planner (The Organized Homeschool Planner), a section for my pregnancy-tracking journal (Intentional Baby), and a section for my business planner (The Epic Bloganized Planner).

A couple years ago I went on another mad search to find a blog planner. It lead me from a mouth drop to a smiley face then to a sad face. Long story short, there was a cutie patootie blog planner that may have fulfilled my needs but it was almost $100. (no thank you)

Then I stumbled upon some freebies through Pinterest, but again, the pages had a lot of what I did not need. Perhaps it’s because I’m not your typical blogging-as-a-business mom boss, but regardless. . . I’m not going to invest in something that does not meet my needs. Period.

So what did I do? What I do best! I created my own blog planner. This way I know that I am getting the pages I will actually use, and be proud of. I made this with not only my needs in mind, but I also started thinking about all the other outside-of-the-trends box bloggers out there who are looking for something to fit their unique blogging needs.

Introducing the Epic Bloganized Planner!

I named it the Epic Bloganized Planner – keyword being bloganized – because I’m planning for an organized blog (and business). That’s why the pages I have created are helping bridge the gap in reaching goals that will take my business to the next level in the blogging (and ecommerce) world. This planner includes the following pages:

  • month at a glance calendar
  • week at a glance layout
  • monthly content planning
  • monthly blog post idea page
  • new project ideas page
  • new service ideas page
  • blog post tracker
  • giveaways & reviews tracker
  • affiliate and commission tracker (on one page for ease)
  • monthly income overview
  • yearly income report
  • email strategy planning
  • goal tracker
  • username/password log
  • master To-Do List
  • marketing planning page
  • event tracker (as hot)
  • fundraiser planning and tracking
  • Facebook group posting tracker
  • Facebook page posting tracker
  • and a bonus page for newbies: blog terminology cheat sheet
  • and more!

(Since the original publication of this planner, it has been updated to include over SEVEN more pages.)

The best part is each page has a simple but chic layout with grey scale coloring (to SAVE on printer ink). Until I can hire a social media manager, my Epic Bloganized Planner helps me get the job done. And even then, I’ll still use one! If you’re new to blogging, I highly recommend that you check out this planner. Even if you’ve been blogging for ten years, I also invite you to check it out too. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it’s only $25!!!

Why have I made this amazing 30+ page resource so inexpensive? The answer is simple. I want to help others just like me get a handle on taking their blog serious, and not at the expense of charging an arm. As I said before, we have to start somewhere right? And for some of us, we need to keep a tight ship on our purses until we can afford more!


Psst… I’ll be doing a Facebook live about my Epic Bloganized Planner so be sure to LIKE my page and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to see the replay!

CHIME IN: How do you stay organized as a blogger? Share in the comments below!

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Hey Exhausted Mom: 3 Ways to Stay Feeling Awesome

It’s amazing how much we do as women, isn’t it? We are wives, homeschooling moms, mompreneurs, and so on. If you take any moment and think really deep about it, I’d say we’re pretty flippin’ awesome!

The truth is, we don’t always feel awesome, do we?

I admit that I deal with moments of feeling inadequate, insignificant, and/or misunderstood. But, in order to stay feeling awesome, a mindset shift HAS to happen or you and I both will be wading in the exhausted water a lot longer than we need to.

I have tested and tried three amazing ways that will help you shift from exhausted to awesome, and I want to share them with YOU!


This can be equivalent to self-care, but on another level. I’m talking about taking inner inventory or doing what I’m going to call a deep diagnostic scan. Scan yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Often times we have some deep rooted stuff that is the primary cause of why we’re exhausted and feeling less than our absolute best. There are times where my emotions were out of whack because of *cough* hormones *cough*. In these moments I have to embrace them and actively choose to not let them rule me. I know, I know. It’s a part of being a woman, but sometimes I just want to say uuuggghhh to that!

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Mentally speaking, sometimes it can be the thoughts running through my head. If I’m thinking about negative things, it never fails that I end up putting out and attracting negative vibes. No bueno! Think and meditate on the positive and without a doubt, you will output that (and get it in return).

Something else I’ve realized is if my nutritional intake is not up to par, rarely will I be either. Yep, this means drinking enough fluids (particularly water), eating a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables, and getting as many natural vitamins as possible. With the warmer weather finally coming, lots of outside time gives me a physical boost too!

What does your self-check reveal? Regardless, don’t ignore the warning signs and make any necessary changes!

[amazon_link asins=’B07B65S57T,B074K4837Z,B07B9S76QH,B07B2171L1,B073YFHRZS,0811868958,1400313260,1510742506′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’withthehuddle-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2daa52ae-8a88-4151-84c9-8ba16e71aea0′]


Think about your family dynamic. Who are the members in your family? What are the interactions you all have with one another? Are their peculiar patterns that have developed over time?

Now think about the positive and helpful dynamics within that. It could be the way your kids play together, or how the older sibling effortlessly helps the younger. It could be the spark in your eyes when your husband arrives home from a long day of work. Or, how does it feel when you see the happiness of your child who just accomplished something?

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Remembering and thinking on these lovely thoughts have power behind them. On a biological level, having positive thoughts actually stimulates the growth of nerve connections. It increases mental productivity and improves your ability to think.

Not to mention, it affects your view of surroundings, which is key to helping you snap out of feeling anything less than awesome.

When you think about your family, what makes you smile? Cherish those moments!


I talk to a lot of people, but I have very few friends. Although the word friend gets tossed around and labeled on any and everyone whom most people come in contact with, it’s finding those few friends that are reliable, dependable, and burden bearing.

When you have that connection with someone they help you feel better in those exhausted, overwhelmed moments. They are there to tell you the truth, but also boost you up!

Having a mom tribe that you can count on is definitely a great way to stay feeling awesome!

Who’s in your mom tribe? How have they helped you stay feeling awesome?

My three not-so-secret ways to feeling (and staying) awesome isn’t rocket science. It’s taking life by the reigns and going along for the ride. If I could offer one last piece of advice… go with the flow and don’t be afraid to adjust according to the season you’re in!

CHIME IN: I’d love to hear about what your self-check reveals, how your family makes you smile, and who’s in your mom tribe that helps you stay feeling awesome! Comment below!