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A Perk to Homeschooling: The Relationships It Builds

Contrary to popular belief that homeschooling is this unsocialized thing, it actually does aid in building some pretty amazing relationships.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I too shared the concern in the beginning of how we would socialize with others. Like many others, that misconception was bread from hearing that homeschoolers were weird and off hiding in the boondocks somewhere.

They were never seen, heard from, or out and about. But then again, I was in public school so how could I have seen them anyways. And most adults are working during that time, so I think it was just a made up to cover up how awesome homeschooling really is! (LOL)

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Fast forward…

Now that I am a homeschooling mom of four children, I can attest that those negative opinions are completely false. Well… maybe we are a little weird, and would actually like to live in the boondocks, but whatever!

I am thankful for the relationships that homeschooling builds. I want to uncover these gems and help normalize the lifestyle of homeschooling because that is part of the issue.

Providing a genuine home education for our children is seen as some crazy task that on one hand parents are made to believe they aren’t qualified for, and on the other hand somehow others who obtain a piece of paper are.

While researching this topic to do a paper for my Master’s degree (of course I made it about homeschooling), I found a common thread. Home education was a natural part of life and it wasn’t seen as some abnormal thing.

The children learned all they needed to through doing every day tasks from cleaning and cooking to farming and playing with other children.

You see, I don’t think outsiders genuinely understand that homeschooling is not a hindrance.

It’s not some sheltering of children to bring them harm. It’s simply doing part of what parents were created to do.

There are three amazing relationships I have actively seen built because of our decision to homeschool.

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