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Stop Hindering Your Children

Stop hindering your children!!! Do you have a child that is a natural creator? How are you dealing with their ideas and innovations… letting them sit on the shelves in their mind’s or giving them the opportunity to sprout?

My family attended a meet and greet event for the upcoming Metro Birmingham Children’s Business Fair that our daughter will be participating in on October 6th. Our daughter will be selling her “Jazzie Handbags.” They are fun and fashionable handbags created by our 14 year old Jazzie Jelks.

We are so proud of her creativity and ambition. The truth that I am ashamed to admit is that Jazzie has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She would have launched a business in elementary school if only I had caught the vision sooner.

I was like so many of you parents. I had a creative child on my hands and didn’t have a clue what to do with her.

At the age of seven, Jazzie wrote and illustrated two children’s books. Then, she informed me that she wanted to see her books in the library. So, we took her books to our local library and they read them to the toddlers during story time at the library. The stories were really good. I should have published those books and my daughter would be a published author today.

I just didn’t have the vision to recognize the gift that my daughter had. I knew it was special but, I didn’t know what to do with it. So, I took the books to the local library and forgot about them.

At the age of eight, Jazzie started creating jewelry. She made beautiful earrings and bracelets. She started to sell them to our family and friends. They were very good and people started to ask for her jewelry.

I thought I was being supportive by purchasing her the materials to make her jewelry. But, when she asked me to set her up an Etsy shop so that she could sell her jewelry online, I got frightened. I was afraid to put my young daughter online.

I was afraid of the unknown. I knew that predators were lurking online and I was afraid to expose my daughter to that unknown factor. But because I didn’t allow her to continue to progress and grow, she got tired of creating jewelry and moved on to other creative endeavors.

Looking back, I can see how my daughter has always been trying to become the entrepreneur that she knew she was. It just took me a minute to catch up to her vision for herself.

I credit Dr. Sheva Quinn for opening my eyes to what children are capable of doing at very young ages. Her daughters, Ziggy and Tootie are authors, speakers, social media influencers, and business owners. She didn’t tell them they were too young to realize their dreams. She supports them in whatever they want to do.

What really set me free was when she said that it doesn’t have to be perfect to put it out there. I was the parent who thought that it had to be perfect before we could present it to others or sell it. There is so much freedom in recognizing that it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, if you wait until things are perfect, you will never take any action.

So, from this day forth, I am behind my children and their dreams 110%. If you believe in what you have created, I believe in it too. I am going to be their biggest cheerleader and support system.

I just want parents to know that our children are very capable. They have grown up with technology in their DNA and they know more than you can imagine. Once I set Jazzie free, the kid amazed me. She created her own logo and designed her business cards. She designed and developed her own website.

Jazzie orchestrated her photo shoots to showcase her handbags, took charge of her business, and was off to the races. She could have been doing this in elementary school. I was the problem that kept getting in her way.

So, I am asking you if you are what’s hindering your child from reaching their fullest potential. If so, get out of the way and watch them soar.

My daughter was born an eagle. She was meant to soar. A creative spirit has to create.

I look back at her and she has been writing books, drawing, painting, sewing, crocheting and knitting. Just creating creating creating!!!!! I was putting my little eagle into a cage instead of setting her free to soar.

Check yourself and make sure that you aren’t allowing your fears to cage up your little eaglets. They were created to soar. They will never reach their full potential until you set them free.

At yesterday’s meet and greet, one of the speakers was Cherinita Reese. Her daughter is Nia Mya Reese. She authored the bestselling book “How to Deal With and Care for Your Annoying Little Brother.” She has been interviewed by everyone including Harry Connick Jr on his talk show. She authored the book at the tender age of 9.

I follow a mother named Tamara Zantell with the “Raising a Mogul” Facebook Group. Her daughter Zandra is the owner of her own international brand. She sells her own line of plant based skincare products. I use her lemon tea tree soufflé on my natural hair. It smells great and makes my hair shine.

The point I am trying to make is that our kids can do great things. They are very capable. I never intended to hinder my child. If you would have asked me, I would have said that I was a very supportive mother. I always encouraged my children to pursue their interests. It was just that when my eight year old wanted to start a business, I couldn’t catch the vision.

Parents, catch the vision and run with it!!!! Who knows? Jazzie Handbags could one day be the next Kate Spade or Michael Kors!!!!


CHIME IN: Do you have a little creative inventor on your hands? What are some ways you support their endeavors? Share in the comments below!

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