Spring Into Healthy Living by Sticking to a Daily Routine



When I first started homeschooling my children, I started a daily routine of getting up early in the morning and starting our day off with exercise. We would be up and at the track by 6:30 in the morning.

My rationale for getting my children up so early in the morning was because I felt that they would need to get accustomed to getting up early because they would one day have to get up and go to a job.

I also got them up early because it got really hot by 7:30 in the morning. I wanted to get a good hour of speed walking in before it got too hot. During the winter months, we would go to an indoor gym and exercise.

My son graduates in a few months, and this has been our routine throughout our homeschooling journey. Of course, there are days when we skip our exercise but, for the most part we have stuck to our daily routine. As a result, my children have no problem getting up early and sticking to a schedule. They also enjoy physical activities. My daughter has been dancing ballet, tap and jazz from the age of three. My son plays tennis and is in taekwondo.

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Another daily routine that we have adhered to is eating vegetables every day and drinking lots of water. My children have never been big on eating sweets. When I get birthday cakes for them, I am the only one who eats the cake. They have never really liked cakes, ice cream or candy. That’s because I started them off eating healthy foods right from the beginning.

My children have always loved broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and other vegetables. I can remember being at a restaurant with my children when they were really young. My daughter chose broccoli over fries for her side dish. The waitress was shocked that a kid would choose to eat broccoli over fries.

Both of my children love healthy foods. They prefer to drink water over sodas. My daughter never drinks sodas. My son will occasionally have a soda but, prefers water.


Our daily routine has also consisted of daily bible lessons. I feel that reading the bible daily has helped my family to be conscious of God in our lives. We have raised our children to trust and obey God. Our hope is that through daily bible study, they will be able to develop a personal relationship with God and learn to trust His guidance in their lives.


When it comes to how we educate our kids; that has constantly evolved. We have tried many different curricula over the years and many different approaches to educating our children. However, the daily routines that promote a healthy lifestyle have remained a constant in our homeschooling journey.

I have found that these routines help us to feel more energized and alert so that we can get the most out of the learning process. My young scholars have evolved into young adults that I feel are fully prepared to enter into the next stage of life. They are disciplined and health- conscious.

Now, they are the ones who remind me to be healthy when I don’t want to go to the gym or get lazy about living a healthy lifestyle. My son constantly asks me if I’ve been drinking enough water.


I have made healthy living a routine part of our everyday life. My children don’t even have to think about healthy living, they just naturally do the activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. We cook together and exercise together because it’s what we have always done as a family.

When my children were smaller, I would go outside and swing on the swing set or jump on the trampoline with them. We also love nature walks in the countryside where we live. So, my take on how to spring into healthy living is to just make it a part of your normal routine when your children are small. Then, it won’t be something you have to try to get them to do when they get older.  They will actually enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.

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CHIME IN: My question for you is, “What type of healthy living activities are you teaching your children?” Share in the comments below!

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Cescelie is a loving wife and mother of two teenagers. She is married to her high school sweetheart of 35 years. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s degree in Education. Cescelie homeschools her children with an emphasis on African American studies and STEM education. She contributed to an anthology entitled, “Lessons From My Grandmother’s Lap” and has recently released her first book, “Reclaiming My Time,” which is available as a Kindle ebook and a paperback on Amazon. Cescelie can be contacted on Facebook via messenger, Instagram, or via email at cesjelks@gmail.com. Cescelie recently started a blog at http://www.reclaiming-my-time.com



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