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The Importance of Staying Focused on Goals and Priorities for Your Family

As a busy homeschooling mom of five, I find myself constantly trying to “do it all”.  Can you relate? Focusing on education, housekeeping, healthy meals, kids’ activities etc. can leave us worn out and exhausted.  It is impossible to do it all. This is why staying focused on goals and priorities are important.

Realistic goals and priorities are key.  It is easy to get caught up in all the flurry of everyday life and the many opportunities as a homeschooling mom to the point that the whole family becomes worn out from all the activities.  

Sometimes stepping back and taking a good look at what your family needs and what is extra is a good place to start.  Having a plan or at the very least an understanding with your spouse is one way to avoid the overwhelmed feeling.

First let’s talk about what areas of life are good to have a plan in place.

What Goals and Priorities Need to be Focused On?

A few examples of where to set goals and priorities are:

Staying Focused on Homeschool Goals and Priorities

In this post, we are going to focus on homeschool goals and priorities.  

Homeschooling is as varied as the weather.  No matter what your style, it is a good idea to have a plan or a list of necessary goals to achieve for your year.  

Curriculum Goals

I like to write mine in a list form for the whole year and then break it down from there.  I state my goals as simply as possible. For example: “Teach Joshua to read” or “Work through Botany textbook”.  I then break that down into doable steps such as, “Joshua should know all letters and sounds by the end of December” or “Chapters 1-6 should be finished before Thanksgiving”.  

For more ideas on setting curriculum goals you can check out my post “How to Create a Homeschool Schedule that Works”.

Extra Curricular Goals

For me, extra curricular goals are where things become stressful because it requires packing up the whole family and running to piano, swim lessons, sports, etc.  

Are these things important?  That is for you to decide! What does your child want to do?  What skills do you find important for your child to learn? Which activities will not negatively affect your family time or your budget?  

We have a strict rule that we do not commit to any activities on Sundays.  We go to church, hang out as a family, visit the neighbors, and rest on Sundays (it’s also my day to plan the school week).  We do not go to sports practices or games.  

Set your family priorities and then accept what falls into those priorities.  It’s ok to say no to the activities that do not! Also, keep in mind that these goals and priorities will change as your family grows and changes.  Just because you are saying no this year, does not mean you can’t return to the idea next year. Examine your family’s goals and priorities every year and make decisions that are best for where you are currently at.

Character Building is School Too!

One of the pluses of homeschooling is the amount of time we are able to spend with our children.  This means we have time to not only teach the core subjects but we also have time to work on their hearts and attitudes and character.

I believe this will serve them well.

Work these goals and priorities into your school year as well.  Community service activities, sibling bonding, kindness etc. They are as important as learning to add and subtract.

Foster a Love of Learning with Goals and Priorities

When you have goals and priorities in place for your school year, you will find that you can say “no” to what doesn’t fit and relieve some of the pressure.  You can look ahead to what needs to be accomplished without feeling as if everything has to be finished “now”.  

Most importantly, when that pressure and overwhelmed feeling is gone, you can teach your kids to love learning and encourage them to grow into the wonderful people God created them to be!

Hi!  I’m Heather from Lessons from Home where I write about faith, parenting, and homeschooling.  I also write about grief as my family struggles to heal from the loss of my beautiful 8 year old daughter.  I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

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