Spring Clean Family Style

If there’s one thing I’ve learned how to do as our family grows, it’s how to spring clean family style. I had to get over thinking, “Oh he’s only 3, he can’t help!” Pshh – YES HE CAN! In fact, EVERY person in this house helps, especially with deep cleans. Here’s how I do it!

How to spring clean family style.

How to Spring Clean Family Style

Detox First

I know the word detox is usually related to your body, but you may be shocked to know that your home could use one too. Think about those areas that don’t get cleaned as much – under the fridge, behind the stove, under furniture that hasn’t been moved in a while, etc.

Another aspect of a home detox involves what you’ve been using to clean it. I was a Clorox bleach, all things phlegm generating Queen – which meant that’s what I had in the air in my home… circulating through the air system… and into my family’s body.

In my defense, though, I just couldn’t keep up with the DIY cleaners and stuff. So I went looking for something that was as though I made it myself, and I found it! Speaking of which, once you’ve detoxed your home, make sure you have your cleaning supplies in order.

Buy Products That are Safe for Your Family

For some products and cleaning solutions, making your own versions at home may be your best option. If you make your own, you know and control exactly what is going into it. Plus it could be more cost-effective. I say that lightly because I feel like I spent more, but that’s just me.

After searching out a particular brand for almost six months, they passed the test and now they have me as a loyal customer. What I was amazed by was the cleaning products are concentrated, which means I’m able to buy one small bottle and make six (or more) spray bottles. You know what that means… one small bottle lasts several months! And they’re ALL KID FRIENDLY, which is HUGE because we’re ALL cleaning up in here!

Change Your Routine – One Product at a Time

Switching your cleaning products to all-natural ones can be an overwhelming process. And we all know when you’ve got a family, time is a hot commodity. To make it easier, make a plan to switch out products on some sort of consistent schedule. You could switch out a couple of products a month, or you could make a plan to switch out each product as you empty the bottle of the other one that you were using.

You don’t have to do it all at once – every small change makes a big difference. Once you get into a swapping groove, start doing it for everything you’re using – bath and body, baby products, makeup, food, and so on.

A green plant in a window seal.

Create a Family Style Plan

Make a list.

Jot down a quick list of everything involved in spring cleaning your home. Remember to include things that don’t get cleaned as often, such as: underneath and behind the fridge, under the stove, underneath furniture, walls, door knobs, deep clean trash cans, and so on.

Give everyone a job.

And I mean EVERYONE. Even the toddler can do something. Give him (or her) an old pair of socks and have them “dust” baseboards. They can also buddy up with an older kid and help. This works well in my home when it’s time to collect the trash from each can around the house, dry dishes, and sweep.

Set a timer.

This helps to keep everyone on their job. When they know that cleaning will only be a few minutes at a time, they are less likely to get side-tracked and lose focus.

Play music while you clean.

A good tune always makes cleaning time better. This is another way to use a “timer.” When the song ends, have the kids switch to cleaning something else.

Clean with the Windows Open as Often as You Can

No matter what cleaning products you’re using, open the windows if you can! That’s what great about spring – the weather starts warming up and you can let fresh air into the house. Letting the air circulate while you clean helps keep cleaners (even the most all-natural ones) from settling on your skin and in your throat (and your kids’ skin and throats!).

Use these tips to get started with a spring cleaning family style to make your home a happy, healthy place for you and your family!

CHIME IN: What are some ways you spring clean as a family?

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  1. Megan Thompson

    Thanks for all these tips, I’m looking into making my own cleaners soon as it is time for spring cleaning

  2. Alexandra

    What a clever idea to have the checklist – this will definitely come in handy, and I look forward to a spring clean soon!

  3. Tiff

    Oh I love the idea of opening the windows while cleaning! I don’t open my windows near enough, but am definitely going to start! Also, I love making my own simple cleaners at home, and using vinegar whenever possible!

  4. Bailey

    Thank you for the reminder to do my spring cleaning with the windows open! It’s so important to let the fresh air in and to keep the cleaning products healthy and safe!

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