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Snap Out of It! 3 Ways to Stay Feeling Awesome!

It’s amazing how much we do as homeschooling moms, isn’t it? If you take any moment and think really deep about it, I’d say we’re pretty flippin’ awesome! The truth is, we don’t always feel awesome, do we? I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I deal with moments of feeling inadequate, insignificant, and/or misunderstood. But that’s where a mindset shift HAS to happen or I’ll be wading in the self-pity and mom guilt water a lot longer than I need to.

There are ways to “snap out of it” and I want to share them with you.

Yes, faith. The biblical definition of faith alone is enough to make you wanna snap out of it…

“Faith is the substance of what is expected, and the proof of what is not seen.”

In other words, it means to trust and rely upon God’s resources and what He has prescribed and believe in that which we cannot see. It’s not just a mental notion to the facts and realities of life, but something that comes from a deeper place of knowing that faith is a spiritual force. It is then that we are able to grab hold of it and shift our mind to begin remembering thus said Adonai about any situation or circumstance in the natural realm.

Think about your family dynamic… the number of members in your family… they interactions you all have with one another… the patterns that have developed over time. Now think about the positive and helpful dynamics within that. It could be the way your kids play together, or how the older sibling effortlessly helps the younger. It could be the spark in your eyes when your husband arrives home from a long day of work. Or, how does it feel when you see the happiness of your child who just accomplished something?

Remembering and thinking on these lovely thoughts have power behind them. On a biological level, having positive thoughts actually stimulates the growth of nerve connections. It increases mental productivity and improves your ability to think. Not to mention, it affects your view of surroundings, which is key to helping you snap out of feeling anything less than awesome.

Wellness is a word that gets tossed around like a ragged doll, almost to the point of where people only relate it to being fit and active. While these certainly are part of being well, it goes much deeper. It’s much more than being free from illness. Wellness is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being… a process of ever-progressing change and growth. I’m not a health coach, but I do know that wellness is another tool in helping us snap out of it! I once heard someone say a poopy gut is linked to poopy thoughts. It’s okay to laugh (I still do when I say it), but the truth of the matter is what we are eating, drinking, and exposed to on a daily basis can play a major role in how awesome we feel!

My three not-so-secret ways to feeling (and staying) awesome simply falls into the categories of faith, family, and wellness. I’d love to share more of a breakdown and tactics you can implement into your lifestyle immediately, creating a lasting effect in your personal life, relationships, homeschooling, and business/career. Let me help you snap out of it and create a mindset that will help you stay feeling awesome, no matter what life throws at you!

Until next time, stay feeling awesome!

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