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Self-Care: How (and why) to make it family-style!

Before my moment of awakening, I used to think that I needed to get out of the house and away from it all to really enjoy a moment of self-care (in its do-something-for-yourself form). Don’t get me wrong, having a day at the salon or an evening out with the ladies is certainly okay! I’m talking about the other 98% of the time when you have a baby on the hip, maybe even one in the belly, another attached to your leg, and the other one yelling from the bedroom. Not to mention, dishes in the sink, laundry in the washer (and dryer), two-week old dust on the furniture, meals to plan… do I even need to continue??

Instead of “getting away” to take the focus off of all those things, I’d like to share some ideas of how self-care [at home] can become a reality, incorporate your entire family, and not be seen as some wait-til-the-kids-are-grown dream.

First, I want to point out the benefits of a family-style self-care routine:

  • it helps model character traits that will follow our children into adulthood (think about your childhood memories that start with “my mama/daddy used to ___” and end with something that positively impacts how you do something today)
  • it increases family bonds and enhances individual relationships between parents and siblings (less fighting and more loving)
  • it helps develop and/or tweak skills involved around physical, mental, and emotional awareness (drastically cut back on misplaced emotions that can lead to flare ups, tantrums, and/or meltdowns)

Those are just a few ways, but definitely some of the most important. While I don’t quite have it all figured out, I do want to share some ideas and activities you can begin incorporating into your family-style self-care routine:

  • Set aside a time each week or month and plan self-care activities together. Get everyone’s input, down to the 2 year old.
  • Consider activities that include something that each family member enjoys. This will help everyone learn more about each other too, and feel appreciated.
  • Involve activities where each family member is doing something and feels involved. For example, for movie night, have the youngest get the bowls while the older ones cook the popcorn.
  • Activities to consider (with no electronics):
    • family reading
    • movie night
    • prepare and cook a meal together
    • journal
    • have a dance party
    • game night
    • karaoke
    • intentional playtime (park, activity center, etc.)
    • whatever else you can think of

This may or may not be something new for you family, but it is for ours… and I’d love to have some accountability from other families!To help make this family-style self-care planning successful, enjoy this free printable to help you brainstorm! Print and laminate the 2nd page to hang on your refrigerator and use month after month! Enjoy!


CHIME IN: Share your ideas and tips in the comments below so others can be inspired to make memorable self-care moments!


Until next time, happy self-care planning!



Michelle Huddleston is a Homeschool Lifestyle Advisor who’s on a mission to help other women live a lifestyle unapologetically authentic and confident in their calling. To schedule a discovery session, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Self-Care: How (and why) to make it family-style!”

  1. Love these ideas! We just taught our older kids how to play Hand and Foot canasta – a 4 person game that my husband and I played with each set of our parents when we were dating and have great memories of!

    So much fun to carry on the tradition, reminisce with our parents and even play with them again as life got busy with little ones and those games just didn’t happen anymore.

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