Why We Started Keeping Sabbath

I never questioned much about the Bible, let alone what the Preachers I sat under were teaching. Why did I need to? They knew more than me and the Scriptures were normally beyond my understanding anyways. I was fairly familiar with different denominations and I settled for the understanding that each group had their own way of interpreting the Bible. It wasn’t until three years ago that everything I believed was put under the microscope, starting with the 4th commandment – Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

It actually started with my husband, Bryan. Ever since we rekindled our friendship (we’ve known each other since high school), he had been on fire for God. He was always reading his Bible, sometimes 3-4 hours a day, listening to Christian music, and we were at church every time the doors were open. Naturally, we became really involved in church from worship team to children’s ministry. But then Bryan had questions. His questions were coming from the front of the Bible where people rarely read from anymore (besides Psalms and Proverbs). He wondered why no one was observing what the Most High was saying to do forever and throughout all your generations.

Bryan’s asking brought forth some answers that didn’t quite line up with Scripture so his seeking God became stronger, and He answered. One instance after another people began coming into our lives that were confirming what was being revealed to Bryan. Without veering too far off subject, my husband knew he was leading our family in the right direction and that observing Sabbath and other God-appointed times was something we were going to start doing.

This didn’t sit well with me at first and you can imagine what happened. I thought Bryan was crazy! I didn’t understand what God was telling him and I fought against it, tooth and nail. After about a month (and much prayer from my husband), I finally came on board. It also helped that we were meeting others who were also trading in man’s traditions for God’s blueprint to life. We began researching the Scriptures together and knew that observing Biblical Sabbath was honoring the Father. From His rest on the seventh day after making all of creation six days prior to the account in Mark 2:27, it is well understood that the Sabbath was made for man and we are to set it apart because it is holy – the sign between YHVH and His children (Exodus 31:13).

It took us awhile to get used to it and weed out more man-made traditions to finally arrive at a place where our observance of Sabbath is like second nature. Although we are still actively walking this out and always seeking the Father to honor Him better, the basics of honoring Sabbath have been pure blessing. We continue to observe (seventh day) Sabbath because that is what the Father requires of His people. As I mentioned briefly before, we also observe the other appointed times known as feast days. If you are unfamiliar with observing Sabbath, feast days, and other moedim (commandments) of God (YHVH), I invite you to look into our True Faith section.

If you’re wondering how we observe Sabbath, it is wrapped up in a few short (and easy to understand) commandments:

  • Remember the Sabbath day, to set it apart. (Exodus 20:8)
  • Do not work, nor your son, daughter, male/female servants, cattle, or stranger who is with you. (Exodus 20:10)
  • Do not cook, as in kindle a fire (work). (Exodus 35:3)
  • Gather with other believers. (Luke 13:10)
  • Delight in the Sabbath by not doing your own pleasures. (Isaiah 58:13)

If you’re interested in learning more about Sabbath (the what, why, and how) – check out this series (videos)!

CHIME IN: Do you observe biblical Sabbath? If so, share your journey of how you came to start doing so. I’d love to hear from you!


Psst… this is part one of a three-part Sabbath-keeping series. Be on the lookout for 5 Ways Keeping Sabbath Blesses Us, and Preparing for Sabbath – Family Style








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