5 Ways the Sabbath Blesses Our Family

A lot of people wonder if there is really a big difference in blessings when it comes down to how Sabbath is to be kept. My answer to this questions is absolutely. One thing we can all agree on is that God never changes. There are times when Scripture seems to contradict itself or just be down right confusing, but here’s the thing… when you are reading Scripture from its proper context, it will always make sense. Over the years and through many translations, Scripture has lost its true meaning and has now become a book of interpret it however you like.

That alone added to the eye-opener of realizing that what I believed about Scripture didn’t quite line up. It was the nail in the coffin for my husband Bryan who knew that some things were… just… off. Once we began to honor and observe the Sabbath day according to Scripture, blessings we had not experienced before began to flow.

How often have days gone by that turn into weeks before realizing that you haven’t actually rested? I’m not talking about the ten-minute devotional or five-minute prayer kind of resting. Not even the “let’s eat out because I don’t want to cook” kind of rest. I’m talking about the kind of rest that you mind, body, and soul can feel. Before learning about how to truly keep the fourth commandment I didn’t know real rest. I knew how to enjoy my days off from work, but even then I still didn’t know the kind of rest observing biblical Sabbath brought.

Sabbath observance has taught (and still teaching) my family how to rest without regrets. It’s okay if something didn’t get done for the business or a load of laundry wasn’t complete. Sabbath teaches me that it can wait. I’m reminded of Mary and Martha and their visit from Yeshua. Mary didn’t care what was going on and showed it could wait because she wanted to sit at the feet of the Messiah. Martha, on the other hand, missed out because she wanted to worry herself with housework.

I don’t want you to assume that I no longer struggle with wanted to take care of business on the Sabbath, because trust me, I do. But what this also helps me to do is cast down those thoughts and guilty feelings and replace them with the Word. My family and I get to fill our spiritual tanks with what God’s Word says about how we should live and honor Him. Of course filling our spiritual tanks could be looked at something that is done on a daily basis, but there is truly something about the refreshing that comes with observing biblical Sabbath.

Intertwined within this spiritual tank filling is the blessing of being able to do it as a family. We have started making it a point to read the Word together, ask questions, and have great discussions – not to mention lots of music, dancing, and praising. Bryan and I know that although our youngest three may not understand much, they are still getting to see how to honor the Father and His commandment to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Occasionally we also watch a show or two that helps us to understand walking out God’s blueprint to life. The kiddos also enjoy coloring pages and other arts and crafts.

For some families like ours, gathering together is somewhat difficult when there isn’t a group of like-minded believers to fellowship with personally; but, we can be thankful for being able to livestream teachings, visit with out-of-town groups every so often, and gather for feast day celebrations. Gathering together to study the Word, have a great meal (or two), and relax over great conversations is definitely a perk to observing Sabbath.

All of these things combined shows the Father’s love for His children. He has promised great things for those who hold onto His covenant by guarding His right-ruling, doing righteousness, guarding the Sabbath, and becoming strong in it. Just as His other commandments (or teachings), He gave us the Sabbath for now and as a shadow of what’s to come. It’s amazing that He loves us that much to leave no stone unturned by telling (and showing) us how to walk this life out and prosper in Him!

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