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How I take my kiddos around the world without leaving home!

Our family absolutely LOVES the idea of traveling around the world. In fact, we have several locations pinned on our family dream board. Although we can’t just hop up and go wherever we want right now, that’s okay! You see, the season we are in is one of planting, and boy is there a lot of planting going on with four young kiddos (the youngest being 1 month old). 🙂 But hey, we are cool with that because behind the scenes, the hubby and I are mentally mapping some cool plans and working diligently for when the season of travel arrives in our driveway!

In the meantime, this frugal mama is able to make our dreams become a reality with resources like Paradise Praises’ Kids Travel Calendar! The simplicity of this calendar makes it easy for my kiddos to focus on what the calendar actually has to offer. While they are fascinated by the ability to color the pictures, write in the dates, and take note of any special occasions in the boxes – I am thrilled about what’s taking place behind the scenes (and you will be too).

The Kid’s Travel Calendar is helping my children with:

  • time comprehension
  • fine (and gross) motor skills through coloring
  • writing
  • creativity
  • thinking and sharing (speech/communication)

It has also helped spark some creative lesson plans! Since each month has a different country with a greeting in it’s original language, I figured that we could “travel” to the difference places each month and:

  • learn about their culture (language, lifestyle, way of life)
  • make an actual play trip packed with plane tickets and passports
  • look up recipes and try an actual dish that’s well known in that country
  • create a lapboard to house the wealth of info we find

Add some YouTube videos and a few crafts and we’ve got a full blown unit study that will last the entire year! Not to mention, we are able to save (LOTS) of money! This calendar is less than $6. Add that to a Dollar Tree store trip and I won’t spend over $20!

Another major go for me is that fact that I can use this calendar with all of my children, including my two-year-old. They have been gracious enough to include a single-family use reproducible license, making it super simple to make copies for everyone in my family.

It’s resources like the Kids Travel Calendar that make homeschooling a unique and fun adventure, all without having to leave the comfort of our home. Don’t get me wrong, we like to get out but sometimes getting “out” isn’t always doable. So our next option will be turning our home into the places we want to go!

If you’re like me (or even totally opposite), you’ll wanna snag one of these resources. I’d even go as far as to say that every home, homeschooling or not, would benefit from having one of these! Get yours HERE (or by clicking on any photo)!


CHIME IN: Do you travel from the comfort of your home? Share you ideas and things you’ve done to make traveling from home a success!

Psst… don’t forget to stop by Paradise Praises and check out their other products. From home and family to homeschool, they have something for almost everyone!


Until next time, happy tavelin’ y’all!



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