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[Review + Giveaway] What God is Doing by Anne Marie Gosnell

There’s no doubt about it that when it comes to finding credible and reliable curriculum and resources for homeschooling, one can quickly get stressed and want to throw in the towel – especially when it comes to Biblical-based curricula/resources . I have friends who have spent hundreds of dollars on well-known box curricula only to have it collecting dust by the second semester. I have also come across some of what I thought would be amazing curricula and couldn’t even figure out where to start with teaching it to my kiddos.

So as a creative homeschooling mom, I inevitably am looking for curriculum and resources that are:

  • easy to teach
  • easy to understand/comprehend by my children
  • preferably accommodates to varying ages/grades
  • quick prep
  • built on sound, concrete concepts

With this in mind, I was extremely excited when I came across Anne Marie Gosnell’s What God is Doing: Old Testament Object Lessons for Kids. This type of resource is something that people like me have been dreaming about.

Why? you ask?

First of all, she had me at Old Testament Object Lessons for Kids. Have you ever felt like teaching the Old Testament beyond the book of Genesis is almost impossible? (raises hand) Have you found a reliable resource that helps teach the Old Testament in depth? (kuddos if you have) What God is Doing offers just that:

  • background sections to help put the lessons in proper context
  • geography sections to help pinpoint a variety of locations with accuracy
  • object lessons that many children know and see daily
  • easy to understand Bible lessons that paraphrase events from the Scripture focus

Second, what I absolutely love are the Life Application and Comment Box sections. Anne Marie put it best, “This is where Scripture “comes alive” and the kids learn how to apply it to their lives.” This is vital when it comes to teaching my children the importance of how to live out what they are taught. It’s not enough for them to just learn it as a fairy tale.

Speaking of which, the tips offered by Anne Marie let me know the heartfelt passion she put into making this resource. She encourages me to:

  • encourage my children to use their Bibles
  • not use the word “story” but to present the Bible as more than a story
  • help my children understand that the people in Scripture were real
  • be enthusiastic about the Word
  • and, share my testimony with my children

Last but not least, the layout of each page makes reading and prepping a breeze. I am able to easily locate the different sections, highlight what I want to easily go back to, and I have used label tabs to separate the chapters. This also isn’t a little 50-page book either… it’s over 150 pages long with 26 solid object lessons. And as an added bonus, there are even coloring pages – which are always a hit with my kiddos!

If you are looking for a great resource to help teach your children the Old Testament, I highly recommend Anne Marie Gosnell’s, What God is Doing: Old Testament Object Lessons for Kids! You can actually win a FREE SOFT COVER COPY of this book by entering my giveaway below! And if you help spread the word, you’ll gain even more entries! This giveaway will be open for an entire week and one blessed winner will be drawn Sunday, December 31st at noon (CST)!

Until next, blessings!


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