Rest without Regrets

I lived majority of my adult life rushing, over-planning, over-booking, and running like an energizer battery. Thing is, I would feel bad for taking a break…. for taking a moment of rest – even when my body screamed for it.

It wasn’t until two years ago that I began to align my life with the unmentioned commandments and teachings of the Old Testament. Somehow, they had gotten lost in today’s teaching and preaching of grace alone with no works (because then you’d be working for your salvation)…. to the point of a new style of gospel suggesting that we believe and live in a way that looks much like “just say you believe, go to church, and try to live right…. and you’re good.”

As my husband and I began to study what is known as Torah, or the first five books of the Bible, it didn’t take long to realize that much of what we tossed on the cross with Yeshua is very much alive and for us to walk out today. I had once saw these teachings as strict laws that were meant to weigh a person down…. and meant to keep one hindered from the freedoms in life. In fact, its quite the opposite.

Yahweh’s instructions on eating are meant to keep us healthy. His teachings about maintaining pure and undefiled lifestyles are for our protection. They are not traps. They are not a setup to show how much we fail. They show us how much we need the Father…. and HIS blueprint to the wonderful life HE created. Not to mention, my plans always land me in the ditch somewhere, so I’m forever grateful for the ability to become one with the Creator and use His road map.

Keeping the seventh day Sabbath was the hardest for me in the beginning. I understood the principle of resting because He created the Sabbath for us to do so. There are a few extra stipulations such as not buying or selling but that’s no big deal. What was most difficult for me was the rest part. My mind goes 24/7. Honestly, it runs to the point of needing an extra day to unload all the information. Laying aside my to-do list left me feeling guilty. There were things that needed to be done. I had to forcefully choose to lay them aside and attempt to step away for a moment. Deep down I still felt anxious and wanted to work on them.

Then it clicked. I was putting all those things before the Father. I was saying with my actions that completing a project was more important. Doing what I wanted to do was taking precedence over the date I was to have with my Father. My Creator. My Shield. My Redeemer. My Savior…..

Then everything changed. I now look forward to preparation day (early Friday). I anticipate what I’m going to cook for the weekend (when I do cook, LOL). I look forward to congregating via livestream with our fellow brothers and sisters from MTOI (Messianic Torah Observant Israel). And most of all, I love being able to rest without regrets. Everything I used to worry about did nothing for me but kept me on edge. Now, I know things are being taken care of, even when I’m not doing anything.

Simply put, honoring the Sabbath as Yahweh created has brought so much relief…. taken away so much anxiety…. and gives such a breath of fresh air. Read what others have to say about what the Sabbath means to them:

“It is special to me because I know I am pleasing the Father and obeying Him.”

“It makes me feel truly set-apart because I know I am doing what He says. When I look around, I see so many people not doing His Word but claiming to know Him and love Him.”

“Shabbath has truly shown me that I have no idea what I’m doing in my own plans of life. My own plans lead me to destruction. His plan offers true freedom and rest.”

“I have learned real rest. Rest like I’ve never known before…. thankful for Shabbat.”

“Shabbat is truly shalom. Peace.”

Sabbath is just one of Yahweh’s amazing instructions meant to bless us. Read about how we honor Him by keeping the Biblical Feast Days!


CHIME IN: Have you recently began honoring Yahweh’s set-apart day? How has it changed your life?


Until next time, blessings-

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  1. Dianne

    Hi! This resonated with me so much! I recently realized how much I would be missing out if I didn’t savor every good and bad moment while in my 20s! There’s a book entitled, “The resolution for women” by Priscilla Shirer that a friend of mine recommended for me to read! This book is amazing, backed up with verses and perfect for a woman like you!

  2. Jessica

    Great article. Resting is so important.

  3. This is incredibly inspiring. I loved reading about the moment that it clicked that you were putting the chores and responsibilities of Sunday’s past ahead of God and how that realization changed your perspective. What an aha! moment!

    1. Michelle

      Yes! I never honored the biblical Sabbath properly when I was “keeping” it on Sunday. But now I have a better understanding of the actual Sabbath and how to honor it.

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