Remaining Thankful, Especially When It’s Hard

November always ushers in a season of thankfulness. Everyone seems to crack down and place lots of focus on what they’re thankful about. However, what I’d like to introduce is the fact that remaining thankful – especially in hard times – is, well, hard.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can put on a nice little gratefulness show. I can smile through the pain. And I can even talk up some good encouragement. All the meanwhile, on the inside I am crumbling, stressed, and everything but thankful.

How to Deal

What do we do about this, because surely I’m not the only one that knows or feels that “acting” thankful can be overrated?? Am I right?? My suggestion is that we talk about it. We need to talk about this topic of remaining thankful, especially when it’s hard. 

I believe there are some real breakthroughs waiting to happen because we are willing to address the “why me’s” and “how could this be happenings” that often occur in life. There is also some growth in admitting that being faithful, grateful, and blessed are sometimes farther than we’d like to admit.

The Ugly Truth

Truth is, somewhere along the lines we’ve been taught to not talk about the ugly side of faith, or not being thankful or grateful. We cover it up in rehearsed reactions of fake smiles and recorded, “It’s okay’s!”. When in all actuality, no, it’s not okay. Life sucks sometimes, and there are times when we simply find it hard to have a good day, let alone a thankful one.

My Personal Suggestion

I joined in a 30 Days of Thanks blog series where I chose to talk about this very topic. My family and I are experiencing some not-so-bubbly times right now. Finding the umph to be thankful is taking A LOT of work. And I talk about it in my 30 days of thanks guest post on How to Homeschool My Child’s blog.

CLICK HERE to read my take on Remaining Thankful in the Hard Times.

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