Quick Tips for Hands-On Activities to Teach Your Children

We’re all on a quest to homeschool our children using activities to help make learning enjoyable, right? We also want to give them all the skills and information they’re going to need to tackle the world around them. So have you considered taking a hands-on approach as part of the curriculum?

Perhaps you’ve never considered it because the amount of work that’s believed to be involved. However, there’s nothing like taking a practical approach to some of life’s most common problems, and using hands-on activities in the process. Believe me when I say that you’ll end up having some pretty handy and responsible kiddos!

Not to mention, kids love having their attention taken up by something they can be involved in. Think about all the times you’ve been in the kitchen cooking and they want to have a hand in there. In hindsight, this gives you a chance to have some more help around the house too (*wink wink*)!

Here are a couple of great ways to add a twist to your homeschooling all while making sure no one involved gets bored! Oh, and don’t forget to actually count this as schooling! 😉

Try Out Some DIY

If you don’t already know, I love some DIY! When it comes down to doing anything yourself, don’t forget to include your kiddos (when you can)! They will have an absolute blast! Whether you’re making some sensory bottles or building a treehouse, including your kiddos come with some major benefits.

Think about some of the challenges out there in the world that take some technical know how… so why not introduce this from a young age? Being able to apply school taught skills to the real world is something homeschooling does better than any other institution! Not to sound partial but it’s the true! We get the opportunity to include real life scenarios every single day.

Sure, they’re probably not going to need the skills for a good while yet, but it’s still a good start. Yeah there is room for professionals (https://www.mrrooter.ca/toronto), but even that can turn into an amazing hands-on learning opportunity too! If you show your kids the basics when they’re young, they’re going to be able to build their skill a lot better. They’ll also have a lot more experience by the time they’re older and ready to put it all to use!

Go On Field Trips

Going on field trips was always an exciting endeavor when we were at school. So why not open your kids up to these opportunities as well? It makes a change from the routine, it’s never a boring idea, and there’s so many places you could head out to!

There’s nothing like a bit of hands on history, especially if there’s an activity day going on at your local museum. I’ve heard of some towns offering events that allows kids to dress up as historical characters or even take part in a battlefield routine! There are also some pretty cool science museums that can show your kids some amazing hands-on activities.

I’ve been recently looking into virtual field trips to help add some more jazz to our homeschooling. How awesome would it be to settle down in some comfy PJ’s (our school uniform, LOL), pop some popcorn, and sit back while the field trip comes to you?! I’m gathering some great info about these to share with you in the near future.

Regardless of what your homeschool looks like, the point is to not stress and try to have fun with what you’re doing. Yes, learning needs to be taken seriously, but children are a good reminder of how much fun learning can be!

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Lapbooking & Notebooking

These two homeschooling methods are making it to the top of the charts when it comes to hands-on learning. I recently wrote a post about incorporating unit studies into your homeschool routine, and adding lapbooking/notebooking goes hand-in-hand with it. Using the notebooking method is one way to allow your kiddos’ creative juices to flow all while helping them retain the information being taught. At the end of a particular study, your child also has a keepsake notebook and something that can be used to showcase work completed. Its a win-win!

If you’re stuck on thinking that homeschooling looks like a bunch of textbooks, workbooks, and a strict schedule… I invite you to consider switching it up a bit with some hands-on learning filled with DIY opportunities, field trips, and notebooking!

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