Winter Meal Planning Made Simple



Intimidated By Meal Planning?

Have NO IDEA Where to Start?

Feeding a Family with Picky Eaters?

These questions, and many others, can be the determining factors in whether you start meal planning – and actually stick with it. Trust me, I totally get it. I can the Queen of jumping on bandwagons and doing something… only to fall off. That was my story when it came to meal planning. That and…

  • I don’t have time to meal plan.
  • I don’t feel like searching for recipes.
  • I can’t find anything simple.
  • It’s much easier to cook on a whim.
  • Let’s eat out!

Any of this sound familiar? Hey, this is a judgment FREE zone, and it’s totally okay if you can agree with some (or all) of the above. That’s why you’re here right? Somehow you landed here hoping that I could be the answer to your meal planning (and grocery shopping on a budget) problem – RIGHT?!?!


You’re In the Right Place!!

My Meal Planning Made Simple System IS THE ANSWER!

This 27-page, multiple printables resource helps you take the guesswork out of where to find recipes, what to cook, what you should be shopping for, and more! Not to mention, I take it a step further and help you eat nutritiously according to the season! Did you know that not all foods are at their nutritional peak at all times of the year? Yeah, the grocery store would lead you to believe differently!

Winter Meal Planning Made Simple helps you eat nutritiously according to the season, while cooking meals the entire family will love. Each meal idea can easily be substituted to compliment any food allergies or special diets. Not to mention, you get 21 – yes TWENTY-ONE – meal ideas for:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • side dishes
  • snacks

You’ll also receive 5 recipe cards per section (meal ideas are marked with an asterisk that have recipe cards). Simply print, cut, and stash with your other recipe books and goodies! Each meal idea category also gives the name of where to find some of my favorite recipes so you can skip the scan and go straight to Google with the exact keywords needed to find what you’re looking for!

All pages are meant to be printed and stashed conveniently in a folder, binder, or on your fridge!


Part of my “Meal Planning Made Simple” system also includes being mindful of what you’re spending per meal. That’s why I give you my Grocery Budget template so you can keep track of how much money you’re spending. It helps you set a budget, shop according to your favorite places and sales, and know exactly where every penny is going.

I also threw in my Winter Foods Master List just in case you’re interested in taking your planning one step further by including a few meals of your own – while eating according to the season.

Practical tips, a sample weekly meal plan, and a blank meal planning template wrap up this must-have resource for helping make your meal plan journey successful! This is one system that is for the beginner to advanced meal planner! And yes, you can expect one for each season!!! 


Don’t worry! I gotcha covered there too! Click here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll be in touch!


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