Western Europe Unit Study




Take your children on a virtual tour of Western Europe with this Western Europe Unit Study resource pack. It comes with printables for:

  • Country Flags
  • Animals you’ll see in the area
  • Foods originated in the area
  • Festivals observed
  • Landforms known in the area
  • Landmark facts pages

This resource is a download, print, and cut making it easy to have multiple teaching points all in one. It utilizes the show-and-tell learning style, but also accommodated any other learning (and teaching) style!

The Teaching Guide provided gives you many ideas (plus links to more resources like a YouTube playlist and books) on how to use this resource, especially with teaching children of multiple ages. It touches base with way more than geography and works well as a stand-alone resource or in conjunction with other curricula of your choice.

This is part 1 of an 11-part unit study series with other parts coming soon!!


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