Weird Science


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Weird Science is a LIVE eCourse

About this course:

Students will learn about different aspects of science through lessons and projects. This class is ideal for 8-13+ year olds.


Week 1: Salt water stunt. Students will test the density and buoyancy of water using water, salt, and eggs.

Week 2: DIY Volcano. Students will learn about the expansion of heated gases and how that causes volcanoes to erupt.

Week 3: The Real Miss Muffet. Students will learn how milk can be separated into solid and liquid part and what causes it.

Week 4: Which liquid has more pull? Students will learn that molecules of the same substance attract each other.

No additional applications or websites are needed for this course.

More Information:

Parental guidance and participation is encouraged (if necessary).

Class takes place on the Zoom platform to allow for a real virtual classroom feel. Students should mute microphone upon entering class and will be given time to speak when prompted. Having your camera on is optional.

Supplies needed:

  • Information pages and worksheets (provided)
  • Detailed supplies list will be given with course syllabus

This course will meet:

  • Every Thursday in February beginning Feb. 7th
  • At 12:30p CST
  • For a duration of 30 minutes

Subjects involved in this course are Science.

Upon checkout:

  • Please provide the name(s) of the students you are enrolling and their age in the “NOTES” section
  • A Course Syllabus (PDF download) with all important information will be emailed to you no later than 2 weeks before classes begin. All future correspondence pertaining to this course will happen via email. Make sure to whitelist


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