Water in the World eCourse


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This virtual course is for the middle elementary to middle school-age homeschooler. The layout is a four-week, interactive notebooking course that comes with 4 videos (ranging between 35-50 minutes in length each), the complete interactive-notebook lesson pack, extra resources, and sample lesson plans.

Weekly Layout:

  • Week 1: Oceans & Rivers
  • Week 2: Ponds & Springs
  • Week 3: Swamps & Lakes
  • Week 4: Waterfalls & Rain

This course touches base with several subjects such as: Science, Geography, Art, and English/Language Arts.

You will have instant and unlimited access to all materials needed for this course upon checkout. We also offer a certificate of completion/transcript per request.

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Due to this being an eCourse, there is a restricted number of downloads and you have one week to download and save to your computer.

This course is worth 4 homeschool credit hours.

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