Sight Word Activity Cards Bundle



Introducing Our Newest Sight Word Product:

Sight Words Activity Cards Bundle!

It is my desire to provide homeschooling families and classroom teachers with reliable resources, tools, and support along their journey of teaching children and students that they love – and this product is one way I do that.

This resource is meant to be:

  • printed (one-sided)
  • cut (around colored boxes)
  • put on a ring (for easy organizing and storage)

I also recommend laminating it to extend the life of the resource as well as make it so that children/students can write (and rewrite on it). Ways to use this resource:

  • Use magnetic (or non) letters and have children/students put them in the boxes to correctly spell the sight word.
  • Use a clear protector (if not laminated) and have child/student write the letters in the box.
  • Extend the study by incorporating stories where sight words can be found.
  • Use our other sight word resources (freebies are in the Free Resource Library)

There are a total of 80 words broken up into 4 lists. I recommend introducing about 5 words per week and incorporate other modes of learning, such as flash cards and beginner reader stories.

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5 reviews for Sight Word Activity Cards Bundle


    My son has wanted to learn to read since he was 2.5 but doesn’t seem to want to do the work. He has a very hands on and kinesthetic learning style, and the chalkboard wasn’t really getting him excited to learn.

    When he tried this bundle he ASKED TO DO MORE! He kept telling me how much fun he was having!! A Huge deal! My only complaint is the font, the ‘w’ kind of crosses at the top, which can be confusing for beginners. But, it also provides an opportunity to discuss different styles of don’t and writing.

    My son helped me laminate the pages and I cut out the cards. I ended up making painting each letter on a rock (one side uppercase and the other side lowercase) and in words with duplicate letters he can use a dry erase marker to write in the remaining letters.

    I highly suggest these!

    • Michelle

      Wow!! That is AMAZING!! And I love how you included your son in helping with the set up of the activity cards. Thanks for sharing your creative ways of using this resource, and for the thorough review!

  2. Deitra Baker

    My daughter was so happy to find out that these cards where for her to keep. She loves learning and gets excited to have new learning tools.

    I assembled one list for her to have on a ring, and the other we put into sheet protectors. She enjoyed reviewing each list and wanted to take the ring with her to “practice” in the car!

    With this Site Words Activity Bundle, she is able to practice site words a few different ways so that it doesn’t become mundane. She is able to build it, write it, and say it, which helps her to learn in multiple ways and to retain the knowledge.

    I definitely recommend this bundle to anyone teaching beginning/early readers.

    • Michelle

      WOWOW! I can imagine the excitement of getting something new! Thank you for sharing such an awesome review and for giving others ideas of how they can use this resource. High five your daughter for me and tell her to keep up the good work!

  3. Caryn Fields

    We are LOVING our sight word bundle. My 5 year old has shown no real interest in formal learning until recently. As prep for Kindergarten began I knew I wanted to start integrating some hands on learning for my girl. She loves working with dry eraser markers so I laminated the pages and they’ve been a huge hit! We both can’t wait to continue working through the list. Finding ways to make learning fun for her is a huge priority. So thankful to have a resource like this.

    • Michelle

      Thanks so much Caryn! That is so exciting to hear and I’m happy that this resource could help spark learning fun!

  4. Leeandra Espinoza

    My daughter has had an interest in reading for 2 years and we are well on our way! This activity has just make reading that much more fun! Hadley loves practicing with these daily and she loves the fun colors it comes with too!
    These are so kid friendly and appealing to the eye. It makes learning so much fun! If you’re in the market for some awesome sight word practice this is the place to get them!

    • Michelle

      This is soooo exciting to read! Practicing daily will have her reading in NO time! Thanks so much for the kind words and awesome review!!!

  5. Shannon Rose

    These are amazing! I used these to help my son who has dyslexia get used to seeing, reading, and spelling common sight words! This hands on approach was amazing for him and helped him retain so much more then any other spelling tactic we have tried. I am so glad we found this resource!

    • Michelle

      Yayaya! That’s exciting to hear Shannon! So glad these are helping, and thanks for letting me know!

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