Seeing 2020 Clearly Resource Bundle



Don’t wait for the new year!

Start making one choice at a time to create the life you desire! With the Seeing 2020 Clearly Resource Bundle, you’ll have the help you need in three key areas:

  • Home Life
  • Motherhood
  • Health & Wellness

Home life can get overwhelming when it comes to cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal planning, and perhaps even homeschooling your children. In this bundle is a Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning Made Easy Pack that will help you create a system that works for you.

You’ll know exactly how much you want to spend on groceries, what you’re spending in each area (meat, produce, drinks, etc.), and what’s left over (or not)! There is space for documenting the main places you shop and any sales they may be having.

To make meal planning a breeze, there are four color-coded weeks worth of meal plan templates so you’ll know exactly what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack! Grocery list and meals to try space is provided for noting those very key things!

When it comes to motherhood, there are many things to navigate… but one of the biggest is keeping your own cup full while constantly pouring in to others. Of course, this can be easier said than done but with the right resource in hand, it can become more clear just how to do this. The Remember to Breathe Journal in this bundle will help you do just that!

Health and wellness tends to be one of the most common trends that people can either succeed tremendously at or fail miserably. Usually, the difference between the two involves desire and passion – but most importantly, a system that works. When you adopt something into your lifestyle that works, it’s easier to keep doing it.

The Roadmap to Wellness Guide in this bundle highlights four key areas – spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional – and literally guides you with practical tips and ideas you can began implementing immediately. This guide is a gateway to living the health and wellness lifestyle you desire!

Each of the products in this bundle are in digital (PDF) format, nothing is shipped. You are permitted to make as many copies as you need for personal use only. Under no circumstances are you permitted to share this resource with others, make copies for mass distributions, or attempt to take the ideas and re-sell it for profit.


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