Trees of Scripture Nature Study


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Trees of Scripture Nature Study is a LIVE eCourse

About this course:

Go on a virtual nature study through Scripture and learn about various trees. We will explore trees of old, what they look like, what they were used for, as well as how they are used today.

This course comes with a Trees of Scripture workbook for in and out of class practice. Parental permission required as we will use YouTube as part of our virtual learning.


Week 1: We will study the Acacia and Almond trees. Homework will be the Almug/Algum tree.

Week 2: We will study the Apple and Ash trees. Homework will be the Ashur/Box-tree tree.

Week 3: We will study the Balm and Bay (Green) trees. Homework will be the Bdellium tree.

Week 4: We will study the Camphire (Henna) and Cassia trees. Homework will be the Cedar tree.

More Information:

Students will need:

While students will have homework, it will not have to be submitted for grading. Homework will be reviewed for the first five minutes of class in weeks two through four.

  • pencil (with eraser)
  • Trees of Scripture workbook (provided)

Additional apps or websites are required for this course are given in the workbook.

This course will meet:

  • Every Wednesday in January beginning Jan. 9th
  • At 12:30p CST
  • For a duration of 35-40 minutes

Subjects involved in this course are: English, Geography, Bible, Hebrew

Class takes place on the Zoom platform to allow for a real virtual classroom feel. Students should mute microphone upon entering class and will be given time to speak when prompted. Having your camera on is optional.

Upon checkout:

  • Please provide the name(s) of the students you are enrolling and their age in the “NOTES” section
  • You will receive a Course Syllabus (PDF download) with all important information. All future correspondence pertaining to this course will happen via email. Make sure to whitelist


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