Pregnancy Tea



A nourishing brew that supports a healthy pregnancy!

Ready for the healthiest pregnancy yet? Try our Pregnancy Tea!

Every mama knows that while nutrition is really important during pregnancy, life happens and sometimes you don’t eat as well as you should.  Maybe it’s due to morning sickness, or stress, or just plain busy-ness.

Pregnancy Tea helps to make up for the nutrients you may be missing out on.  It contains nettle leaf, which is extremely nourishing and contains high levels of vitamin K.  There’s also red raspberry leaf, which helps to tone smooth muscles (like the uterus), which may make labor easier!  (No worries, though — raspberry leaf doesn’t contain or act on oxytocin, so it can’t cause contractions.)

We’ve carefully tweaked this tea through our owner’s several pregnancies, and now we’re sure it’s just right.  We’ve even included rooibos tea. It’s a naturally caffeine-free “tea” that supports overall health and promotes restful sleep!  That herb isn’t in most pregnancy tea blends, making ours truly unique.

Basically, you’ve got a brew that’s filled with important vitamins and minerals and supports a healthy pregnancy.  Choose an unflavored version, or try our lemon-ginger variety that can help settle upset tummies!  It’s great for early morning sickness issues.  Drink it hot, drink it cold, or whatever you prefer!  Add raw honey to sweeten lightly if you like.  Any way you enjoy it, it’s great for you and baby!

Feeling adventurous?  Try using the unflavored version as a base for herbal kombucha!

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