Make the Most of Your Life Prayer Journal



Make the Most of Your Prayer Life!

A prayer journal for the busy mama!

If you’re a busy mama like Michelle (mom of 5) then you’ve probably relied on quick popcorn prayers to get you through the day. Or, perhaps it’s been longer than you’d like to admit since you’ve actually even prayed.

Michelle created this journal for mamas like you to help you intentionally use Scripture to create spirit-filled conversations with the Father and be motivated to carve out the time to do it.

Using the Lord’s Prayer as a template, you’ll have printable prompts that encourage you to find specific Scriptures to write, journal, and pray. All you need is just a few minutes a day to start enhancing your prayer life!

Say goodbye to overwhelming thoughts when it comes to praying.

The idea is to talk to the Father in His best love language, communication. No need to scramble for words to say…. simply use His Word. Michelle’s prayer is that you’ll be strengthened and encouraged to embrace those little moments with God, even if it’s just praying the Word.

This is a free resource; however, please only make enough copies for personal use only.


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