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The My Career Exploration Journal was created with middle school and early high schoolers in mind. Skip taking unnecessary classes and dodge changing majors at college and help your student be prepared to pursue the career of their dreams. This journal isn’t like any other career journal as it takes your student’s on an in-depth adventure. The mini version of the My Career Exploration Journal is available now, and comes with all the bells and whistles.

Inside view of My Career Exploration Journal.

About the My Career Exploration Journal

Massive List of Careers

Pulling from, this resource has a list of almost 200 careers to help your student brainstorm a few they’d like to explore. If they’re unsure of what they’d like to look into, this list will surely help them get started.

All About Me

Before getting into the career exploration, your student will take a look within and jot down things about themselves. This prompt also helps with the keepsake part. They’ll look back and be able to see how they were when they first completed the journal. There are also prompts to help them identify a career they may have already had in mind.

Brainstorm Careers to Explore

Sometimes kids can have a lot of careers in mind, so these pages will help them put those ideas onto paper. It will also serve as a starting point for career to take a deep dive into.

“I Want to Explore ________”

This section is packed with templates, questions, writing prompts, and more to send your student on a career researching adventure. They’ll go deeper than just finding out basic information. There are templates to help them identify:

  • activity requirements
  • skills needed
  • abilities needed
  • education, knowledge, experience
  • course details
  • career potential
  • career goal setting
  • interview questions
  • illustration
  • journal pages
  • certificate of completion

The mini version provides you with enough printables for researching one career. Since it is a digital copy, you may make copies for as many careers your student would like to explore.

Printables inside the Career Exploration Journal.

Want More?

Full Digital Version

The digital full version is 100+ pages and includes enough “I Want to Explore _______” sections for exploring 5 careers! It has everything the mini version has, plus more!

Full Paperback Version

Order the full paperback version from here or Amazon. It will have solid binding but can be taken to Office Max or Staples and made into a spiral bound resource.

Availability options for the journal.

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Mini Digital Version, Full Digital Version, Full Paperback Version

1 review for My Career Exploration Journal

  1. Yvie

    The format is both engaging and comprehensive, perfect for middle school and even upper elementary school age. While it’s fun and visually appealing, it also forces kids to think a little bit deeper about potential career choices than simply what ‘sounds cool.’ Questions about experience, knowledge, and skills required for each job go even further by asking kids to define what each of those skills mean…so they aren’t just making a list, they’re acknowledging what each entails. They finish up the unit with “A Day in the Life of…” looking at what a typical job day would be.

    • Michelle

      Thanks so much for your in-depth review Yvie!!

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