Kinder-Pants Mathematics

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Part of the new interactive resource series – Smarty Pants – Kinder-Pants Mathematics is made for the visual, hands-on learner! It utilizes the activity binder method and is packed with reusable activity cards that are geared to help introduce, reiterate, review, and retain the basic kindergarten math concepts.

The IR3 method, created by Michelle Huddleston, is a tried and true method that can accommodate ANY learning, teaching, and homeschooling style! This segment (Kinder-Pants Mathematics) will help your child master the basic skills needed for Kindergarten in a fun, engaging way all while laying the foundation for first grade.

Simply print out the pages, laminate and put them in a binder for easy to use hands-on activities! Use this binder for beginning the school day, transition times, independent play, and more!

Included in this pack are 22 activities:
– Identifying missing numbers (counting)
– Sorting heavy and light
– Size Differences
– Size sequencing
– Geometric shapes (cone, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cube)
– Patterns (AB, AAB)
– Fractions
– Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s
– Graphing
– Identifying money (coins & bills)
– Matching coins/bills to value
– Coin combo
– Play shop for purchasing practice
– Time (by the hour, quarter hour, and half an hour)
– Numbers on a Clock Recognition
– Number Identity (by numeric value, word form, and tally marks)

Be on the Lookout for MORE in the Kinder-Pants series: Geography, Science, and Language Arts! Also coming soon is the preschool segment – Pre-Pants! And 1st grade segment – First-Pants!! ENJOY and let me know your feedback!


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2 reviews for Kinder-Pants Mathematics

  1. tal

    My little one absolutely loves Kinder-Pants. I cannot speak highly enough of this product. We’ve tried several packaged programs before and each one of them left my daughter in tears. This is amazing. She told me that the fractions and patterns are her favorite part. I have no complaints. If my child is happy with any learning resource placed before her, then I’m happy. thanks so much for creating this.

    • Michelle

      That is awesome, and thank you Tal!

  2. Nicole Smith

    I have 3 littles from 2 years old to 6 years old plus an in-home daycare business. Everyone in the house loves this Kinder-Pants Mathematics packet. We laminated all the sheets and pieces and applied velcro dots to make it reusable. I bought a hefty envelope to put it in and the kids call it our math games folder 🙂 They don’t even realize they are “doing school work.” They think they are just playing games. This level is perfect for both my 4 & 6 year old. It is challenging enough to keep them motivated but not too difficult that they give up. Even the 2 year old enjoy playing with her siblings even if she doesn’t grasp all the ideas. It is perfect for on the go, road trips, or waiting rooms!

    • Michelle

      Thank you so much, Nicole! I am glad you are able to use it in so many different ways.

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