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Geography made easy! Preparing your little learner for learning Geography concepts doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can be fun, exciting, and engaging! Kinder-Pants Geography is your one-stop shop for a curriculum resource that not only helps teach geography concepts, but also comes with 12 activity cards for hands-on learning, a Parent Guide packed with teaching prompts, details of each activity card (according to my IR3 method), and extra resources to pair with each concept (videos, books, activities, etc.) – all conveniently put together for a fun-filled year of geography learning. Whether you have a visual or hands-on learner, you’ll find the activity cards to have just the right amount of visual and hands-on stimulation. This resource also uses “real-life” pictures to help you child properly understand what something looks like in the the world around them. This is especially important in the live’s of children so they are able to make sense of what they are learning through matching what they see in their environments.

Geography concepts included in this activity binder are:
* Continents
* Oceans
* Map Skills (compass rose)
* Map Skills (map reading)
* Map Skills (grids)
* Map Skills (my neighborhood)
* Environments (deserts, oceans, plains, etc.)
* Landforms (glaciers, mountains, hills, etc.)
* Sequence (how things change over time)

Simply print on cardstock paper and laminate! Add velcro to the pieces and cards for easy go-to activities. Using the resources provided in the Parent Guide, this curriculum resource provides enough material to be used over the course of an entire school year.

Please note: Although the basis of this resource is for “kindergarten” prep, it can be used to teach children from ages 4+.

Be on the lookout for Kinder-Pants Science (releasing this August)! Also check out Kinder-Pants Mathematics! Don’t forget to leave a review and let us know how much you enjoy this resource! To see a live view of this product (and others), visit our YouTube Channel!


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