Just for Today’s Homeschooling Mom (SAMPLE)



Just for Today’s Homeschooling Mom (Sample)

Just for Today’s Homeschooling Mom is a book for the mom who doesn’t have it all together. This is for the mom who sees the bigger picture, but somehow still lets self-sabotaging thoughts creep in and whisper lies.

It’s for the mom who hasn’t quite figured out how to keep the “no soliciting” sign up to the limiting beliefs attempting to rent space in her head. This book is especially for the mom on the verge of giving up.

Do you fall in, or around, any of these categories? Then keep reading, because this is for you (and me). Whether you are a veteran homeschool mom, a brand new homeschool mom, or haven’t even started yet, this book is packed with valuable information aimed to bless your socks off.

I want you to know how beautiful, amazing, and extraordinary you are. The fact that you are the nurturer, chef, chauffer, master planner, calendar maker, owie-soother, and a teacher makes you a unique kind of superwoman.

Throughout our time together, we are going to get down to the nitty gritty. We will talk about some hot topics, and address some stuff that most don’t want to tackle.

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